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1/088-PT LEVEL 1/088-PT



Item #: SCP-088-PT

Object Class: Euclid

Threat Level: Orange

Special Containment Procedures: Stationary Task Force PT22-Γ ("Helicopter Promenade") is permanently assigned to the containment of SCP-088-PT. SCP-088-PT is to be constantly monitored and contained within a 4m³ containment chamber on Site-PT33, inside a standard container for inanimate objects. As it is impossible to load the object with ammunition, SCP-088-PT requires only standard maintenance and hygiene procedures while in its inactive state.

Upon indication of the occurrence of an 088-Σ Event, it is to be assumed that SCP-088-PT has entered its active state and that SCP-088-PT-1 will appear in exactly 2 minutes to equip SCP-088-PT. Those responsible for this observation are to alert all personnel involved in containment through the on-site standard communications systems that an 088-Σ Event has begun (for more information regarding 088-Σ Events, personnel with a Security Clearance Level 3/088 may refer to Document 088-01).

STF PT22-Γ is responsible for the establishment of a 500m perimeter around SCP-088-PT. This perimeter must not contain any individual that placed in any region to the left of the y-axis as determined by the Foundation Test for Political Coordinates (for more information regarding the test, personnel with a Security Clearance Level 3/088 may refer to Document 088-02). All personnel within the perimeter must be trained to react efficiently to the protocols of an 088-Σ Event. STF PT22-Γ is authorised to investigate and repel any efforts to violate SCP-088-PT's containment, and to employ lethal force in the case that it is necessary to maintain containment.

Upon the occurrence of an 088-Σ Event, individuals within the perimeter must safely conclude or halt their current activities and salute; if approached by SCP-088-PT-1, personnel are to address the entity as "Sergeant Rocha", and treat the entity with all the conventions of this title. The 088-Σ Event will only be considered concluded when a new communication announces the dematerialisation of SCP-088-PT-1.

No personnel may enter SCP-088-PT's containment chamber during an 088-Σ event or within 6 hours after its conclusion.


SCP-088-PT in its inactive state.

Description: SCP-088-PT is a semi-automatic rifle M1 Garand approximately dated to the 1960s, with a mass of 4.2 kg and a length of 1.1m. The rifle has been modified to shoot .458 calibre Winchester ammunition.

In its inactive state, SCP-088-PT does not differ from an ordinary M1 Garand rifle. However, when the object is activated, its appearance is spontaneously modified following an apparently random period of time. No means to prevent or control this process are currently known.

In its active state, SCP-088-PT appears as an extremely deteriorated firearm with damage consistent with a weapon used excessively in combat without proper maintenance. A roughly carved phrase will appear in its stock, reading "THIS MACHINE KILLS COMMIES"; in addition, several marks are carved into the rifle apparently counting the number of individuals terminated by SCP-088-PT. However, according to information obtained by Dr. Nascimento in interviews with 088-PT-1, the actual number of neutralised individuals is closer to [REDACTED].

SCP-088-PT-1 denotes the entity that is manifested when SCP-088-PT is activated. SCP-088-PT-1 is identical in appearance to a male human, dressed in a uniform traditionally worn by the soldiers that comprised the Força Expedicionária Brasileira (FEB, or Brazilian Expeditionary Force) during the Second World War. SCP-088-PT-1 appears to be approximately 40 years of age, with a tanned complexion, voluminous moustache and beard, and dishevelled hair.

SCP-088-PT-1 is able to interact physically with its surroundings and environment despite being completely incorporeal. X-rays, thermographic equipment, and other methods of detection thus far utilised by the Foundation are unable to detect the entity. SCP-088-PT-1 considers itself the "owner" of SCP-088-PT and is the only individual capable of appropriately utilising the object. When equipped by SCP-088-PT-1, SCP-088-PT also becomes incorporeal.

SCP-088-PT-1 is capable of using SCP-088-PT as an ordinary M1 Garand rifle; however, it has never been seen to reload the weapon, generating projectiles apparently without source or trace. The projectiles fired from SCP-088-PT are not propelled by powder or made of lead, but rather appear to be completely incorporeal and propelled by an unknown force. Therefore, targets shot by SCP-088-PT rarely survive their injuries.

It is theorised that SCP-088-PT-1 is identical in appearance to the late Sergeant ████ Rocha, as he resided in the same location where SCP-088-PT was originally discovered. Additional data has been catalogued by Dr. Nascimento derived from a diary found in [DATA EXPUNGED]. For more information, refer to Document [REDACTED].

Details regarding SCP-088-PT-1's behaviour may be accessed by personnel with a Security Clearance Level 3/088 in Document 088-01.

Addendum 088-01 - Discovery: SCP-088-PT was discovered in ████████, Minas Gerais, Brazil by a driver that passed through the apparently deserted city; shortly thereafter, finding several corpses.

The anomaly was located by the Foundation after agents infiltrating the PMMG (Polícia Militar de Minas Gerais, or Minas Gerais State Military Police) reported the new 088-Σ Events that were triggered during police investigation. The Foundation, with new information about the anomalous effects of SCP-088-PT, managed to contain the object without further incidents.

The proximity of Site PT33 to the city of ████████ decreased the probability of new 088-Σ Events occurring during the transportation of the object to containment. The surviving civilians that witnessed SCP-088-PT-1 were administered Class-B amnestics.

It is theorised that several 088-Σ Events occurred sequentially due a political rally led by a notorious left-leaning Brazilian political party in the city, leading to the annihilation of all human life in a radius of approximately ███ kilometres. The city of ████████ had 5,830 inhabitants prior to the occurrence of the event, with only 1,627 surviving. Standard disinformation protocols and procedures are currently being put into effect.

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