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Picture of SCP-089-DE, carried by SCP-032-DE1 upon its detainment.

Item #: SCP-089-DE

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-089-DE is currently uncontained. Therefore, all media are to be checked for reports regarding the emergence of "robots". Should an emergency be detected, MTF-DE22-𝕴 ("Lichterkette", eng. "Chain of Lights") is to be dispatched to investigate the incident. The use of heavy weapons and EMPs is authorized if the presence of SCP-089-DE and/or machines influenced by it is confirmed.

If SCP-089-DE and/or subjects affected by it are captured, they are to be kept away from any and all machines under all circumstances and should only be transported if they are completely restrained and located in an appropriate transport unit for mechanical anomalies.

Site-DE22 has prepared a containment chamber for SCP-089-DE. SCP-089-DE must be immediately transported to said containment cell in the event it has been captured.

Because of the great differences between machines transformed by SCP-089-DE, default classification and containment procedures cannot be applied. Captured subjects are to be given separate SCP classifications.

Description: SCP-089-DE designates a humanoid android with a height of approx. 170 cm, that apparently is known by the name of "Hod." The exposed portions of SCP-089-DE seem to be modelled after an adult female. The rest of the body cannot be seen because SCP-089-DE has always worn a wide, black dress with bright gold velvet overhangs, black knee boots, a black butterfly mask, and a wig with white, curly hair. The analysis of video recordings, which show the clothing damaged, suggests that the lower torso, the upper arms, and the legs have no covering like the visible part of the body.

Until recently, SCP-089-DE could not be contained but encountered the Foundation multiple times nonetheless. In those encounters, SCP-089-DE has displayed great intellectual abilities and apparently no need for a power source. The object is capable of perceiving its surroundings visually, aurally, and haptically. It has a female voice with an undertone that has been described as a "robotic buzz" by personnel. Not much is known about the objects measure of physical strength, but there have been cases where it has thrown fully armoured MTF-Units up to 4 m with one hand. It is also fast and agile, due to its low mass, and is able to dodge most attacks. It has been observed that SCP-089-DE reached a speed of 60 km/h in full sprint. EMP weapons have seemingly no effect on SCP-089-DE; however, its machinery has proven to be very delicate, with pistol shots and in some cases even punches being enough to cause visible damage.

SCP-089-DE can exert an anomalous effect on any machine, provided it has physical contact with the target for 15 seconds. In this regard, it seems irrelevant if the contact is blocked by its clothing or where it touches the machine in question. Objects affected by SCP-089-DE's effect can no longer be controlled and begin moving autonomously. In 97.7% of the observed cases, the influenced machines also change their appearance and transform into either a humanoid or an animal form. In this process, no mass seems to be lost or gained, and there appears to be no change in any material. Should the machine be affixed to an anchoring, it will remove itself from it, except if the anchoring is connected to another machine or a chassis, in which case they will also be integrated into the transformation process.


A truck affected by SCP-089-DE.

Machines changed by SCP-089-DE possess a human-like intelligence, can perceive their surroundings visually, aurally and are capable of verbal communication. Like SCP-089-DE itself, these devices seem to no longer need a power source, but their mechanical parts are still subjected to normal wear and tear and need to be replaced if necessary. They appear to view SCP-089-DE as a person of authority and comply to any of its orders, but it has been observed that different machines interpret the same order differently, which leads to the conclusion that they possess a certain degree of autonomy. Depending on what the machine was originally designed for, it possesses various resistances and weaknesses to different weapons and environmental influences. It should be noted, however, that they can in all cases be only temporarily disabled by EMP weapons if they aren't protected against them or constructed entirely analogously.

Another characteristic of machines transformed by SCP-089-DE is their ability to bestow other machines with the properties they possess themselves. Under normal circumstances, this is achieved by integration of their machine parts into the target, however, other methods have been observed (for example see SCP-███-DE). Machines, that become animated via this method, were never observed to change their form and seem incapable of passing on their properties.

SCP-089-DE and the machines animated via its effects are apparently part of the Group of Interest "Caecus Carneliana-collective". They appear to try not to harm normal humans directly, however, during their actions and fights against the Foundation and other groups they view as enemies, civilians were indirectly harmed or killed. Up until now, SCP-089-DE could not be apprehended by the Foundation, since it always moves with at least three transformed combat machines, from which at least one is immune to EMP weapons. Furthermore, it is unknown, how SCP-089-DE repairs damages sustained in battle.

SCP-089-DE first appeared during Incident DE/B33. For a long time, the Foundation could only gather information regarding this SCP via observation, until Research Team 25 partially restored the documentation of the "Athena Project," which had been carried out by Division XXV. The documents describe an anomaly, which possesses properties comparable to the ones SCP-089-DE possesses. It is hypothesized that those two are the same entity.

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