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Oldest known photograph of Messrs Veste and Guerex.

Item #: SCP-089-FR

Threat Level: Red

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Any testimony of a description similar to that of SCP-089-FR shall be considered as probable evidence of its activity and shall result in an investigation by authorized personnel to ascertain the nature and motives of the instances. A Class D amnestic should be administered as soon as possible to all relatives of each of the victims, and any record of their past existence, such as birth registration, should be erased. MTF Delta-0 ("The Men in Black") is responsible for ensuring that all physical and emotional evidence of the victims is removed.

Description: SCP-089-FR is a traveling circus usurping several of the most famous names of the French circus, and seen in various parts of France, Spain and Italy since 1919. Its leader publicly introduces himself as Alineo Giovanni, formerly known as the founder and director of a troupe of artists founded in 1886 called "The Straw Men of Alineo Giovanni", whose career was ended by charges of [DATA EXPUNGED]. He passed away during his incarceration in 1906.

SCP-089-FR has never been observed moving. The caravans that form the circus are supposed to "appear" near towns, although some civilians report seeing them "move in" and/or "move out" of the town. SCP-089-FR never resides more than 3 weeks in the same area. The artists instances will set up a marquee within 3 days of their arrival, distribute flyers, and put up posters in order to advertise the show they will be performing in the next 15 days. The animals and objects observed on the circus grounds would not present any anomaly according to those who approached them.


SCP-089-FR during its installation near the municipality of █████-████.

During the two-week period between the incursion of SCP-089-FR into the city and the show given by the circus staff, multiple furtive apparitions of humanoid entities whose appearance suggests that they are related to the circus environment are reported by the inhabitants to the authorities. Photographs of these sightings are very rare and often blurred, but sometimes allow the identification of a clown, a contortionist or an acrobat, or an inflatable figure in their image. The circus staff interviewed on this subject claims that this is a preview of the performance, for promotional purposes. It should be noted that the entities never mingle with the population and appear to peer through the windows from a distance into the habitats when possible. If they were to be approached or spotted, they will disappear almost instantly by folding behind the wall on which they were leaning, without leaving any trace of their passage.

Cases of missing children, usually between the ages of 6 and 12, are reported by local police. Their families consistently report confetti, burst balloons, boxed devils or music boxes1 in the child's bedroom.

Searches conducted within SCP-089-FR never proved the owners' involvement in these tragedies. See the interview for further details.

The entrance to the circus is also offered to the parents of missing children, presented as a "modest compensation for this tragic event". The most outstanding tricks presented to the public by the instances are the following:

- The Facetious Mr. Veste:: A man sitting on a chair holding in his hand a puppet with features identical to those of one of the missing children; Michael Steve, but dressed in a three-piece suit. The doll is life-size. The dialogue begins between the ventriloquist and his puppet, who multiplies the attempts at humor about the irresponsibility of parents towards their children, domestic accidents and ██████phobia. The "voice" of the doll is described as overly deep, jerky and unpleasant to hear.

- The Amazing Antics of the Lortem Brothers: Two artists perform aerial acrobatics several meters above safety nets. Each of them holds a child at arm's length and tries to throw them to his partner by swinging on a trapeze. The trick ends when they fail to catch the young instances that fall at an unusually high speed and slice their flesh on the mesh.

- The Illustrious Ofeli and her Devoted Companions Mak and Abe: A trainer armed with a whip makes two elephants stand up and move on their hind legs around canvas bags placed on the floor. She then releases a large number of rats from their cage, causing the two animals to panic for some unknown reason and flee by trampling the bags and their contents. Spectators report hearing the cracking/sound of rigid objects being broken by the elephants' footsteps, and at that moment seeing a dark red liquid oozing out of the canvas.

- The Extraordinary Sleight of Hand of the Great Salvador Salem: Un magicien et son assistante amènent sur la piste deux cercueils ouverts. Ils sont rejoints par deux nouvelles instances juvéniles masquées. Celles-ci prennent place dans les bières, qui sont ensuite refermées. La première est sciée par le prestidigitateur tandis que la seconde est recouverte d'un linceul par la jeune femme. Quelques minutes plus tard, à leur réouverture, le corps du premier enfant est intact mais inerte, et celui du second n'est plus visible.

- The Hilarious Nonsense of Eju, Dan and Guerex: Three clowns each tie a child in costume to a different target and throw cream pies at them, then clean them with a garden hose. The water jet is subjected to a physically impossible pressure that slices [DATA EXPUNGED].

- The Unexpected and Spectacular Final in the Way of the Talented Alineo Giovanni: [DATA EXPUNGED]. When the smoke clears, the aquarium is broken and the tigers are no longer present on the stage.

The audience always booed and hissed at the performance, deserting SCP-089-FR as it went on, claiming that the show was "in very bad taste" or "absolutely despicable" according to testimonies.

Interview conducted on 03/28/19██ by gendarme ████ ████████ (future member of the Foundation's security personnel) in the city of Lyon, France:

Interviewer: Agent ████████

Interviewed: Director A. Giovanni

Agent ████████: Good evening, Sir! Many complaints about kidnapped children have been brought to our attention by several neighboring families. Their disappearance coinciding with your arrival, you are suspected of being involved in this case… This badge attests to my legitimacy to investigate this matter and to conduct a search with my men in the area you occupy. I also have a couple of questions to ask you.

Director A. Giovanni: Hi, kid! I am very happy to meet you! We are on the eve of the performance and I am very happy to change my mind with someone who is already friendly to me. So tell me a little about yourself. So, the Marshalcy is a fan of the circus arts? That's fantastic!

Agent ████████: I don't think you understand the situation or its seriousness. First I demand that you show me a valid identification. You claim to be Alineo Giovanni, but this is the name of a criminal who died in prison ██ years ago, and you don't look like one until proven otherwise!

Director A. Giovanni: My dear sir, I am afraid I do not have such papers at my disposal… Understand me, I am a man of entertainment, not a bland bureaucrat… Well, allow me to turn my hat over… And hop! Here it is.

Agent ████████: I can't believe it is authentic…. Given on █/█/18██?! It indicates that you were born on the same day, of the same month, of the same year as the real Alineo Giovanni? As for the photo… What…

Director A. Giovanni: Call me a fraud while you're at it! Well! While you're trying to figure out what's wrong, I'll give myself a break. Let's see, my chair… Where is it… ? Ah! Here it is. If you can't make sense of it, why don't you have a cigar?

Agent ████████: How to… Why the photograph is an ever-changing image? Changing the angle of observation brings out new… Bones? A skull?

Director A. Giovanni: Well, what now? Isn't that what you wanted? To know who I am? It doesn't take much to surprise you! I almost expect you to jump to the ceiling every time I chat with you. Of course, that's an expression; there is no ceiling here. So you're free to leap without getting hurt. Whiskey?

Agent ████████: I didn't come here to play games with you, sir. I don't know how you managed to fudge an official document like that, but…

Director A. Giovanni: Perhaps you would have preferred that I make a white rabbit appear from my black top hat? Admit it wouldn't have been very original. Note that Giovanni rhymes with Houdini. If you were a victim of some illusion spell, I wouldn't be surprised.

Agent ████████: Pierre! Go around the caravans. And Max, take care of the tent. I have to go to the police station. Mr. Giovanni. Listen carefully. If we find any evidence of kidnapping that incriminates your circus, you will disappear forever. Behind bars. And it won't be magic.

Director A. Giovanni: My dear sir… Why?

Agent ████████: I beg your pardon?

Director A. Giovanni: Why so much seriousness?

End of the interview

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