3/089-PT LEVEL 3/089-PT



Item #: SCP-089-PT

Object Class: Keter

Threat Level: Orange


Instance of SCP-089-PT. Recipient's name redacted

Special Containment Procedures: Post offices around the country must be monitored, and any instances of SCP-089-PT found must be seized and kept securely in Site PT5's secure compartment for textual anomalies1.

SCP-089-PT-2 instances must be observed and, after the Werther period, if the individuals have not been terminated, they must be treated with Class-C amnestics, and all instances of SCP-089-PT in their possession must be seized.

Description: SCP-089-PT is a set of letters sent anomalously, whose content is only readable by instances of SCP-089-PT-22. Any other subject attempting to read SCP-089-PT will only see a white sheet of paper, which does not appear to have anomalous properties other than the delivery methods.

Instances of SCP-089-PT do not have a stamp, sender or recipient address. How SCP-089-PT is delivered remains unknown. Although SCP-089-PT instances temporarily appear at the post office closest to SCP-089-PT-2, the object dematerializes within an indefinite amount of time, reappearing in the affected individual's mailbox if this is not prevented somehow. (For more information, see Test Log). The letters tend to be delivered within a period of 3 to 7 days, regardless of how long of a physical letter would normally take to be sent from where SCP-089-PT-1 claims to reside.

The content of SCP-089-PT varies in all subsequent mailings, however the first instance remains identical to all others, save for the name of the recipient (see Transcription 089-PT-α, done by ████████, subject SCP-089-PT-2).

The letters appear to be written by an entity that calls itself "Maria de Oliveira █████”, hereinafter referred to as SCP-089-PT-1. All interviewed subjects reported different locations where SCP-089-PT-1 claimed to reside, ██ of them being Brazilian cities and ██ Portuguese. Of the ██ municipalities mentioned, 16 were investigated by the Foundation. No records of SCP-089-PT-1 were found.

According to the acquired accounts, SCP-089-PT-1 writes letters of romantic content, always praising the qualities of SCP-089-PT-2 and their lifestyle, mentioning the desire to meet the subject. SCP-089-PT-2 instances, after undergoing the reading of the first letter, develop an obsessive, borderline unhealthy behavior, prioritizing the reading and rereading of SCP-089-PT above all. SCP-089-PT-2 subjects feel compelled to answer letters, continuing the anomalous effect caused by SCP-089-PT.

After an uncertain period of time, estimated between one to three months, the letters will cease for exactly 30 days. SCP-089-PT-2 individuals report feeling abandoned during this period of time, and their obsession and anxiety levels rise higher than normal. Subjects start to eat less often, and stop prioritizing their personal hygiene. After that time, they will receive SCP-089-PT-Ω3, and enter a state called "Werther Period".

SCP-089-PT-Ω reports the impossibility of SCP-089-PT-1 to continue writing and sending letters. SCP-089-PT-1 will list the reasons for having kept in contact with SCP-089-PT-2 and their main qualities, ending the letter in a poetic way.

After reading SCP-089-PT-Ω, subjects will enter a state of deep depression that lasts for an approximate time of two weeks to two months. The subject will suffer from obsession, obsessive compulsive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder, at risk of self-mutilation and possibly suicide.

SCP-089-PT-2 subjects who survive this period remain melancholic, showing feelings of longing and loneliness, in addition to having great difficulties in developing new romantic relationships. Furthermore, a total of ██ of the affected individuals developed artistic skills related to writing, becoming literati and poets with ultra-romantic4 characteristics.

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