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This is a warning of the German SCP Foundation. This SCP will try to confuse you with false information or other SCPs. SCP-090-DE will also try to bring the reader to interaction by using its name. The file of SCP-090-DE is to be closed immediately, if it displays the form of another SCP. This SCP is a digital anomaly, whose origins are unknown. An assignment is currently being worked on.

Negative Effect: If SCP-090-DE describes itself as another SCP, the file is to be closed immediately. If it does not happen, the described SCP will try to breach containment or harm personnel. An exception to this are inactive, neutralized and SCPs, that do not have their own will.

Note: SCP-090-DE refers to itself as SCP-???-??. Ignore all references from SCP-090-DE towards you.

SCP-090-DE’s data is secured by Firewall SCP-090-DE/F3.0. Bypassing the firewall only affects the reader. SCP-090-DE is observed differently by every viewer.

[Every access will be documented and analyzed.]

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