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Item #: SCP-091-DE

Object Class: Euclid

Secure Containment Procedures: SCP-091-DE is to be contained in a triple-conjoined room layout with one main window into the connecting hallway. The first and second rooms must be equipped with exactly ten (10) dolls, three (3) remote controlled cars, and a board game collection containing four (4) different games while SCP-091-DE is located in the first room. To assure SCP-091-DE's containment in the third room, the area must be equipped for accommodation by D-Class personnel. When SCP-091-DE occupies the second room, the first and third rooms must have their respective equipment swapped entirely; the first being D-Class accommodation and the third being a backup of the second. Afterwards, the rooms' numeric designation must also be adjusted to match.

If SCP-091-DE has not been located in one the prepared rooms following 24 hours after a search, every toy store within a radius of 25 km must be locked down for tracking of the object. Once the object is found, it is to be returned immediately.

Every year, on July 4th, SCP-091-DE must be searched for in Anna Tichavskás' (PoI-1359-DE) apartment at exactly 12pm, and brought back to Site-DE19 if found. If Ms. Tichavskás is in her apartment at this time, she must be given Class A amnestics.

Description: SCP-091-DE is a doll standing approximately 61cm with blond, curly hair, a small flower arrangement headband, blue eyes, and a pink dress. The object's head, hands, and feet consist of vinyl, while the body consists of soft padded fabric. SCP-091-DE has a label with the inscription "Ms Mirablis, Magic & Mystik Co." under its dress.

Whenever SCP-091-DE is seen by a female child between three (3) and twelve (12) years old ('subject') from a toy store window, it begins to dance. Every subject in direct eye contact with SCP-091-DE during this event hears a song that, according to the listening persons, is sung by SCP-091-DE. The subject of the song regards a young girl who sees a doll in a toy store window and asks her parents to buy it for her. The language of the song depends on the native language of the viewing subject. If two or more subjects see SCP-091-DE at the same time, it remains inanimate until all but one subject stops direct eye contact. After the song, the subject begins to desire to hold SCP-091-DE, and will subsequently buy or request to buy the object. If this is not allowed, the subject will attempt to persuade their parents, promising to behave well and other similar promises to retain possession of SCP-091-DE. If the subject is consistently denied, the effect stops after 5 minutes, and the subject subsequently forgets SCP-091-DE entirely. In the following 5 minutes after the primary event, SCP-091-DE remains inactive, even if seen by another subject.

When a subject is in possession of SCP-091-DE, it plays with SCP-091-DE and ignores all other toys. If the subject stops playing with SCP-091-DE, it can be indirectly observed to destroy the nearest toy. Most recorded damage is dissection-based, or in case of electric toys, a short circuit. The damaged object is, according to the proband, the favourite toy of the subject. The effect only occurs when no direct eye contact has been kept with SCP-091-DE for fifteen (15) minutes and when it is not observed during the act of destruction. It does not matter if SCP-091-DE is seen directly or through a video recording. In the case of a video recording without an observer, a cut showing as a short, bright flicker occurs in the footage after fifteen (15) minutes in which SCP-091-DE is no longer visible. The effect does not occur if the subject sleeps with the object.

After two weeks of possessing the object, the subject will lose interest in SCP-091-DE and begins to not notice or engage in playing with it. If the subject has not played with SCP-091-DE for four (4) weeks, SCP-091-DE disappears and is seen in the nearest toy store window after 24 hours. If the object is not purchased after 72 hours, it disappears and is seen in an other toy store. Every worker in the SCP-091-DE's host store claims that the object was always on sale. At the time of disappearance, SCP-091-DE cannot be located by any method, including radiolocation. At current, no method has been found to prevent SCP-091-DE's disappearances, since it disappears even with direct eye contact; it is believed that object simply ceases to 'be' during disappearances due to radiolocational findings.

It appears that SCP-091-DE defines any room with toys and games that can be seen from an outside-facing window as a 'toy store'. Therefore, the selected room must contain at least ten
(10) toys and two (2) games in the room; the Special Containment Procedures listed above includes additional materials both for the sake of safety and to also guarantee an appearance of SCP-091-DE. It only appears in the same room twice if the room has not been used for other purposes, such as a bedroom.

Only one case has been documented where SCP-091-DE has sung a song for a female person over 12 years (see Document: Diary Entries of Anna Tichavská). In this case, the adult subject treats SCP-091-DE as their own child and names it "Amilie". It is unclear, in this case, if the effect originates from the object or the subject.

Discovery: SCP-091-DE was sighted next to Tom ██████ on 26.07.2003, who was found dead in his bathtub. The cause of death was electrocution from a hairdryer that was dropped into the water. During the investigation, Anna Tichavská was suspected due to possibility of a motive. Agent █████, who worked undercover as a police officer in the area, consulted Tichavská and thus discovered SCP-091-DE. Anna Tichavská, her mother, and Ms. Tichabská's coworkers were given Class A amnestics after interrogation.

Attachment SCP-091-DE-A: This letter was confiscated by the foundation when examining Ms Tichavská.

Dear Ms. Anna Tichavská

I heard that you've taken up one of my "children". First, I wanted to thank you. Amilie is sometimes a little willful. Preferably you should give her a lot of attention and keep her away from dangerous objects and places. I wanted to ask you if you'd be able to talk her around to coming back to her mother. The little blond tuft ran away from home without telling me why. Was I too strict as a mother? In any case I wanted to ask you to look after her before I pick her up. She can sometime be a real rascal if she doesn't get enough attention.

You can contact me at this address: [REDACTED] I hope I'll get an answer from you soon.


Ms. Mirablis

Notes: The sender, Ms. Mirablis (designated as PoI-1995-DE) is currently an unknown figure, as every investigation into her identity so far has been unsuccessful.

Attachment SCP-091-DE-B: On 03.07.2004, SCP-091-DE disappeared even though the typical activity period was not yet up. The object was found with Anna Tichavská, who was in her apartment, on 04.07. Ms. Tichavská tried to run away with SCP-091-DE when she saw the response forces, but was arrested; in the following hour, SCP-091-DE was contained. According to the information given under interrogation, Tichavská claims to have found SCP-091-DE when she came back from church. She was given Class A amnestics and the special containment procedures were adjusted.

Supplement from ██.██.2005: According to new investigations from analysis of older files from another Group of Interest, the sender of the letter could be associated with another individual who is likely in contact with other SCPs. The label confirms this assumption that the sender could have potentially been assigned to a group later in the year. As such, the Foundation could connect the individual to the GoI, which manufactures and sells anomalies and anomalous artifacts.

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