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Item #: SCP-092-FR

Threat Level: Yellow

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-092-FR must be kept in a secure locker at Site-Aleph, with a pack of fifty (50) candles and a box of matches, both to be replaced when empty. The "interviews" with the entities named SCP-092-FR-X must take place in a standard interrogation room equipped with a surveillance camera, in order to monitor not the interviewed but the interviewer. The interviews with SCP-092-FR are safe and can be simply conducted by Dr. █████ accompanied by a Class D employee for cross-checking and interaction with the appearance phenomenon. SCP-092-FR is not inherently difficult to contain or manage, but the random behaviors of the SCP-092-FR-X entities appearing during its use led to its reclassification as Euclid (see Incident 092-01). Since that incident, all the tests have been stopped by order of the O5 Council, because of their potentially dangerous randomness. Dr. Gemini maintains the debate with the council about the continuation of the tests, arguing the beneficial potential of the SCP-092-FR-X entities.

Description: SCP-092-FR is a brass candlestick dated from the second half of the 18th century, of standard format and formed by a single branch intended to implement a candle. The activation of SCP-092-FR must begin with the insertion of a candle in the candlestick, then by its lighting in a closed room immersed in darkness. From then on, the candle's wick will burn for 1 min 39 (99 sec) exactly, before going out by itself. All the candles go out after 1 min 39, no matter their size, the ambient temperature, the humidity of the room or the type of wick or wax. No human intervention seems to be able to lengthen or shorten this time frame. It is within this period of time that SCP-092-FR-X will appear.

The SCP-092-FR-X instances are allegories, meaning the anthropomorphic representation of a human idea or concept. The appearances of SCP-092-FR-X cannot be recorded on audio or video, but they do not seem to be a mere figment of the imagination either: in fact, during an appearance in the presence of several spectators, they all agree that they have seen SCP-092-FR-X in the same place, with the same physique, acting in the same way and speaking with the same voice. SCP-092-FR-X is still endowed with human intelligence, and able to act accordingly.
The SCP-092-FR-X embodiment seems to be designated in a completely random way and no predetermined allegory can be invoked by speech, by thought or by the choice of a particular type of candle. Some external factors are supposed to influence the shape of SCP-092-FR-X, but this remains speculative due to the various origins of the instances.

The SCP-092-FR-X entities, although certainly dictated by the collective imagination, are difficult to identify as well as to get information from them for many reasons (language, refusal or difficulties to communicate, limited time). However, here is a selection of some cases considered interesting and clearly identifiable:

A total of 19 tests were carried out between 22/01/20██ and 28/01/20██, when the incident 092-01 occurred. As a result, the tests were stopped and SCP-092-FR was contained in a secured locker under the express order of the O5 Council.

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