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Item #: SCP-093-CS

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-093-CS is currently held in a standard cell for humanoid entities at Site-██. SCP-093-CS's activities are monitored by two Class-D personnel with low mental resistance, who have been previously shown the recording of Incident SCP-093-CS-A. Since it is necessary to keep them in constant state of stress, discrete, unpleasant sounds are emitted from hidden loudspeakers in the room, evoking a sense of danger.

SCP-093-CS's capabilities pose a serious threat to Foundation personnel with low mental resistance. All personnel required to work with SCP-093-CS must take a mandatory psychological examination.

Description: SCP-093-CS is a female humanoid entity of Slavic descent. The most prominent feature of SCP-093-CS is her red eyes. Furthermore, it is the only thing that her victims are able to remember clearly.

SCP-093-CS manifests its capabilities through strong hallucinations that affect various sensory areas of the subjects, compromising the deepest fears and insecurities the subject does not acknowledge, and often is not even aware of their existence. The secondary characteristic of SCP-093-CS manifests as an increased sense of insecurity, fear and nervousness in subjects exposed to SCP-093-CS.

SCP-093-CS was classified as a Keter following an incident on 4/13/20██, during which SCP-093-CS broke containment and caused chaos throughout most of Site-██ before voluntarily returning to her cell.

Note from Dr. Foxe:

"SCP-093-CS acts as an arrogant person who takes advantage of people's fears and insecurities. She likes the feeling they give her. The current containment procedures give SCP-093-CS the satisfaction she desires, keeping her calm. These same procedures were reviewed by the Ethics Committee, which issued a favorable ruling."

SCP-093-CS came to the Foundation's attention after Incident SCP-093-CS-A, following the failed liquidation attempt by the GOC, with Agent W█████ being one of the first to arrive on the scene. He found SCP-093-CS sitting in a chair, surrounded by four dead bodies belonging to a GOC Strike Team. SCP-093-CS agreed to go with Agent W, along with the Mobile Task Force, without showing any sign of resistance.

Addendum: It's amazing how the GOC can cause problems like this over and over again. Now they turned a relatively peaceful reality bender into a "Banshee"1 that feeds on the suffering of others.

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