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Item #: SCP-094-JP
Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-094-JP is being detained in an 8x10m humanoid SCP containment area in Sector 27. According to the general humanoid handling policy, SCP-094-JP is allowed access to all items installed in the containment area. Its cell is lined with soft rubber; furniture and other items installed in the cell must be carefully selected to avoid any risk. Health status of SCP-094-JP should be checked periodically, and professional medical staff must be on standby 24 hours a day. It is recommended that a nutritionally balanced, low-calorie, iron-rich diet be provided to SCP-094-JP.

Factors detrimental to the health of SCP-094-JP should be eliminated as much as possible, and any requests related to such factors are to be denied. Monthly psychological evaluations are to be conducted by a counselor. Experiments on the subject are to be limited, and those that could damage its health are not to be approved. Contact with the subject for experimental or research purposes requires permission from two personnel with Security Clearance Level 3 or higher.

Currently, SCP-094-JP is cooperative with the Foundation containment, and no coercive measures are expected to be necessary.

Description: SCP-094-JP is a 2█ year old average Japanese male. No significant anomalous characteristics can be identified through normal physical examination. His anomalous properties are present in its blood — when the blood sample is examined under a microscope, various species of small, fish-like organisms can be observed in it. These do not affect the health status of SCP-094-JP. These fishes are collectively designated as SCP-094-JP-1.

Currently, most of the fish species found on Earth have been confirmed to live in the bloodstream of SCP-094-JP in the size range of 0.2 to 10 μm. 6,000 species have been identified to date, establishing an ecosystem and food chain similar to that of real fishes.

Research has shown that SCP-094-JP-1 inhabits different body parts of SCP-094-JP depending on the species. It has been confirmed that the blood in the arteries contains SCP-094-JP-1 instances that resemble migratory species such as tuna and bonito, while that in the internal organs contains deep-sea species such as anglerfish. Examination of saliva has revealed SCP-094-JP-1 instances that resemble fishes that can survive in brackish water, such as mullet and goby. It is unknown how these fishes are able to grow and maintain the health of human body.

The anomalous properties of SCP-094-JP were discovered during a physical checkup at the company he belonged to. The Foundation was alerted by an embedded agent within the insurance company responsible for this physical checkup, and SCP-094-JP was secured. It is unclear whether the anomalous properties of SCP-094-JP were a recent development or a congenital condition, as no unusual features were observed in previous medical examinations or in his childhood records.

On 20██/6/9, SCP-094-JP experienced a deterioration in his health status (See Incident Log 094-JP-██-B); the Foundation medical personnel diagnosed this as acute gastritis. The subject vomited violently, and SCP-094-JP-1 instances similar to deep-sea species such as lizardfishes, anglerfishes and various sharks were observed in his vomit. Following this incident, a large number of deep-sea creatures washed up on the shore near ████████ Port in India — this has suggested that there is some kind of connection between the blood condition of SCP-094-JP and the real marine environment.
Addendum-094-JP-01: On 20██/4/22, SCP-094-JP experienced a deterioration in his health status (See Incident Log 094-JP-██-C), complaining of sudden dizziness and nausea. An immediate physical checkup by the medical personnel revealed elevated GOT (AST) and GPT (ALT) levels in his liver. It became clear that SCP-094-JP himself could be affected by the real marine environment when it was confirmed that a massive oil spill had occurred in ██████████ on the same day.

Addendum-094-JP-02: On 20██/9/██, SCP-094-JP agreed to a research surgery to obtain blood samples from various parts of his body. The surgery was performed with the utmost caution for his health condition, the least physically and mentally stressful method was chosen, and an experienced medical team was assembled. The following are the findings of this research.

The following is an interview with SCP-094-JP conducted by Dr. ████.

Subject: SCP-094-JP

Interviewer: Dr. ████

<Begin Log>

Dr. ████: "Good morning, SCP-094-JP, how are you feeling?"

SCP-094-JP: "…Good morning. I still don't understand why I've been brought here…"

Dr. ████: "I believe we have explained enough about your body. May I ask you a few questions?"

SCP-094-JP: ""Yes… I'll answer to the best of what I know."

Dr. ████: "Very well. First of all, do you have any idea what is going on in your body?"

SCP-094-JP: "I have no clue… If anything I like fish and eat it often. I worked at the company just fine as well."

Dr. ████: "Have you ever had any serious injuries or illnesses?"

SCP-094-JP: "Not really… oh, no, I had pneumonia once with a high fever… when I was about ██ years old…"

Dr. ████: "That was on ████████ █, 19██, correct? …It was when there was a confirmed mass mortality event of herring in ██████, which was reported in the newspapers at the time. Do you have any opinion on this?"

[No answer, SCP-094-JP looks dismayed]

Dr. ████: "Is there anything we can do for you?"

SCP-094-JP: "…But then, what exactly can you do?"

<End Log>

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