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3/094-PT LEVEL 3/094-PT



Item #: SCP-094-PT

Object Class: Safe

Threat Level: Yellow

Special Containment Procedures: Investigation is currently underway to identify and locate former handlers of Apamachi Devices that remain in circulation.

In case personnel locate or have information that may help in the investigation of the whereabouts of the circulating units, they must contact the Intelligence Department of Site PT13.

Once recovered, an Apamachi Device must be delivered to the PROJECT: Identity Crisis research team so that it may be disassembled by Research and Development Department team of Site PT13 and then have its central axis sent either to local containment in the North Wing for Containment of Anomalous Objects in individual vaults; or for containment elsewhere on other sites on the project's joint so that it can be later studied.

After disassembling an Apamachi Device, only its central axis must be placed in containment. Other parts, whether thaumic or not, must be evaluated for possible damage and, if in good condition, added to the parts inventory of Site PT13 for future use.

Description: SCP-094-PT is the collective designation of all 24 Apamachi Device units produced throughout the 1970s and 1980s by the Brazilian Superintendence for the Paranormal (SBP) during the project known as PROJECT: Apamachi-453.


First iteration of the Apamachi-453 Device produced by the SBP em 1973.

An Apamachi Device consists of a device capable of modifying the DNA of its manipulator through thaumic nanorituals in order to convert it into an almost exact copy of the offered target DNA, allowing for the handler to assume the exact appearence of their target for a unlimited period of time.

To work, an Apamachi Device is to receive a DNA sample from its handler at its left entrance and, at its right entrance, a DNA sample from its target. After that, the handler must press the central button of the device to start the thaumic ritual, which will cause the central axis to rotate at up to to 500 rpm in order to mix and fuse the genetic material inserted in each entrance. At that moment, a thaumic generator responsible for converting electrical energy stored within the device into thaumic energy kicks in so that the genetic material becomes infused with thaumic energy. Following that, the Hume levels around the device begin to fluctuate as a paragenetic field is expanded around the device. Finally, the handler must recite the spell taught to them during their training for that particular device and the ritual will be complete.

Upon completion of the ritual, the handler may experience dizziness, muscle pain, burning sensation on the skin, tingling in the face, and shedding of all body hair as the body assumes its new form. Usually backpacks containing Apamachi Devices will also have water and some form of nutrition for the handler to consume for post-ritual recovery.

While the Apamachi Device is active, a paragenetic field with a radius of approximately 50 meters will be formed surrounding the device and sustained by it, and may move along with it, this field being responsible for altering the genetic material and body of the handler and keeping them stable. If the handler leaves the field or turns off the device without performing the reversal ritual, they will experience symptoms that of acute radiation syndrome immediately after leaving the field/improperly deactivating the device. With this in mind, the first Apamachi Devices were often carried by their handlers in backpacks before more compact versions were developed in the 1980s.

Due to the cost of producing an Apamachi Device, its use was mainly limited to missions of high importance for the SBP, such as infiltrating groups of interest such as the Foundation or even anomalous groups opposed to the regime.

The use of Apamachi Devices by the SBP began in the 1970s, but only reached its peak in the 1980s with their miniaturization, with their use declining in mission from 1987 onwards after the observation of side effects resulting from their prolonged use.

Little data exists on the manifestation of side effects resulting from the use of Apamachi Devices due to the low number of people to whom they were entrusted, however, based on the most serious condition, the following symptoms were listed for what was named as the Apamachi Syndrome: nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, hair loss, predisposition to infection and bleeding, [DATA EXPUNGED], cell death in multiple tissues, DNA degeneration and cancer.

Faced with the problem of the Apamachi Syndrome, PROJECT: Apamachi-453 was discontinued in 1989 and orders were sent to collect all Apamachi units owned by the SBP, however, of all 24 units that were in circulation within the SBP, only 9 were recovered. Currently, the whereabouts of the undelivered units are not known, but efforts are underway to locate these units.


Third iteration of the Apamachi Device. Having only 23% the size of the first iteration and 75% of the second, the Apamachi Device itself is located within the backpack equipped by the soldier in the image. Next to the backpack is the second iteration of a thaumic generator, developed by the SBP and responsible for feeding the device with thaumic energy.

Due to the threat posed by an Apamachi Device, both to its handler and to the people around it, it was decided that all devices should be located and captured, but not neutralized due to possible applications for a device capable of camouflaging the identity for the Foundation as well as due to the danger of neutralizing one.

Taking into account the usefulness of having a functional and, at the same time, safe Apamachi Device, PROJECT: Identity Crisis was created, aiming to do just that.

PROJECT: Identity Crisis is currently being carried out by a joint of 7 sites across Brazil led by the research team of Site PT18 in Rio de Janeiro. The project started shortly after the SBP dissolved in 1992, when the Foundation found out about PROJECT: Apamachi-453 and the devices owned by the SBP.

Knowledge of the project is limited to only the directors of the joint's sites and personnel of level 4 clearance or higher and aims to create a fifth iteration of the Apamachi Device that is safer and less dependent of paragenetic fields to operate, as they represent too much of a risk to offset its use.

Apamachi devices produce a paragenetic field in order to operate, however this field is never undone, it just recedes into the device, shrinking to a microscopic size, but never completely disappearing. When small enough, a paragenetic field can sustain itself within an object without relying on a thaumic ritual to maintain its size.

The only way to completely destroy a paragenetic field is through the complete destruction of the central axis where the thaumic ritual takes place in the Apamachi Device, although this is highly discouraged given the consequences of destroying a paragenetic field.

The destruction of an Apamachi Axis will result in the destruction of the paragenetic field within it, resulting in the emission of a strong paragenetic pulse which will result in the disruption of all genetic material within a 5 kilometers radius around the Apamachi Device, causing the same effects as prolonged exposure to high levels of ionizing radiation, but with the potential to generate organic anomalies.

The further away from the ground zero of the paragenetic pulse, the lesser the effects, with effect equivalent of those of exposure to ionizing radiation occurring within a radius of 25 kilometers around the pulse's ground zero, but with no chance of resulting in the occurrence of organic anomalies.

Within a radius of 50 meters around the paragenetic pulse all genetic material will be destroyed, resulting in the death of all living beings within that radius. A paragenetic pulse only dissipates completely 100 kilometers away from the pulse's ground zero, being able to cause a number of problems to a region, such as [DATA EXPUNGED], increased occurrences of cancer in the population, increased number of newborns with disabilities and malformations and the disruption of the local electric grid, as seen in the blackout that occurred in 2018 in Brazil with the accidental destruction of an Apamachi Device contained in a site in the north of the country(see Incident-094-PT-03.).

Addendum SCP-094-PT-1: Incident-094-PT-03: On March 21, 2018, Site PT45 in the state of Amazonas was conducting experiments aiming to find ways to destroy the paragenetic field without causing a local genetic collapse.

After 5 failed attempts to destroy the paragenetic field, Branco's Anomalous Fields Theory1 was put to the test using a machine configured to emit a chloroberyllic field similar to that of SCP-███-PT.

According to Branco's Anomalous Fields Theory, a paragenetic and a chloroberyllic field, when overlapped, would cancel each other out. Thus, the hypothesis was raised that it would be possible to destabilize the self-sustained paragenetic field using a continuously supplied chloroberyllic field.

It was discovered that a paragenetic field, if nullified long enough, will annihilate itself and cause the local laws of physics and chemistry to collapse unpredictably through abrupt changes in local Hume levels in a way that, over an indeterminably short period of time, the laws of physics restructured themselves within the central axis and caused it to collapse in on itself and therefore to destroy itself before the paragenetic field was completely annihilated.

A local genetic collapse occurred, killing 5 researchers from Site PT45's research team and overloading the regional power grid.

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