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Replica of SCP-095-FR during the first criticality incident in 1945.

Item #: SCP-095-FR

Threat Level: Yellow Orange

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-095-FR is to be contained in a lead-padded radiation-blocking safe. SCP-095-FR is to be contained in an underground bunker designed to stand the explosion of a standard A-bomb. Only Class-D personnel is allowed to handle SCP-095-FR due to its effects. Class-D personnel having manipulated SCP-095-FR must be executed once their task is complete. The lead-padded safe having contained SCP-095-FR is to be replaced every six (6) months due to damage induced by containment After each explosion, the entirety of the bunker must be checked and SCP-095-FR must be transferred to another bunker if necessary.

Description: SCP-095-FR, also referred to as the Object (or "The Demon Core"1 by personnel), is a 6.2kg sphere eighty-nine (89) mm in diameter, entirely composed of Plutonium 239 in a permanent self-sustained state of critical mass. This results in exponentially increasing extremely powerful emission of alpha radiation with a maximum of approximately ten (10) Gy and a neutron flux with a maximum of around 106×1025 fast neutrons and thermal neutrons. These emissions prevent manipulation by personnel and greatly damage any electrical circuit within a twenty (20) meter radius. A more dangerous side effect of the neutron flux is serious irradiation of any living tissue located less than ten (10) m away from the source and activation2 of dense materials, specifically metals or bone tissue.

The object's mass is constant despite physical conditions which should lead to a decrease in mass and appears capable of regenerating by unknown means: due to incident 095-FR-1, it was impossible to witness the object's regeneration phenomenon. Besides these effects, the object presents the same characteristics as regular plutonium 239.
Following a still unknown time cycle, the object seems to spontaneously induce a nuclear explosion without having reached the conditions normally needed for this type of reaction. As of today, this effect remains unexplained.

Addendum 095-FR-1: On 01/07/2015, sixty-nine (69) years after its first confirmed destruction, SCP-095-FR exploded with a force comparable to that of a type-A nuclear bomb estimated to thirty-three (33) kilotons, causing almost total destruction of site Algiz, the death of two hundred and eighty five (285) persons3 and the destruction of fourteen (14) Safe and Euclid-class SCP items. Researchers who studied the object hypothesized that it would be likely to detonate again after around fifty years, with the only measurable event before explosion being the maximum radiation and neutron flux peak recorded before the last explosion. Another theory is that the object is caught in a time loop, which would also explain the explosion-regeneration cycle in the extent that it would correspond to the artifact's creation and destruction. It is highly probable, according to researchers, that SCP-095-FR has detonated several times before recovery by the Foundation. The item was reclassified as Keter and transferred to a secured site in a secret location which can stand nuclear explosions.

Addendum 095-FR-2: SCP-095-FR was recovered on the seafloor near Bikini atoll, about a year after nuclear test "Able" from operation Crossroad. American military forces had been deployed due to an anomalous radioactive contamination problem. The object's evacuation caused several deaths, which drew the Foundation's attention. The object was recovered in the primary aim of serving as a source of energy, but later proved too dangerous to handle.

Addendum 095-FR-3: Other than the victims of the explosion of Site Algiz, it was brought to the researcher's attention that SCP-095-FR was already responsible of two (2) deaths at Los Alamos Laboratories in 1945 and 1946 : Harry K. Daghlian Jr. and Louis Slotin. Both died following a criticality accident while working on SCP-095-FR during the first tests of atom bombs. To this day, it is impossible to determine whether or not these two incidents are linked with the object's current state.

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