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Item #: SCP-095-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Three copies of SCP-095-JP written in kanji, katakana and hiragana are stored as samples in a containment locker at Site-8181. Currently, there is no known method able to stop SCP-095-JP from materializing. Agents will be dispatched to the Committee for Election Administration, and if SCP-095-JP is discovered, they will be extracted from the polling station as soon as possible. All SCP-095-JP are to be tallied up as faulty votes. If it is believed SCP-095-JP-1 will receive more votes than the other candidates, a sufficient amount of SCP-095-JP will be taken as samples, and the rest will be discarded by staff. Burning seems to be the most effective way of discarding SCP-095-JP. It’s reported by staff that the number of SCP-095-JP increases year after year.

Description: SCP-095-JP is a voting paper with the name of an unknown person written on it, that is found in all sorts of elections within Japan. SCP-095-JP’s candidate name section always has [佐藤斉藤] (Or サトウサイトウ, or さとうさいとう)1 written on it. Research shows that the handwriting of each ballot does not match each other. SCP-095-JP appears inside the ballot box at the time of tallying up votes for the Lower House general election, House of Councillors regular election, and general elections, through unnown means. In all cases, a clearly larger number of votes than the total amount of admission tickets for the polling station has been casted. SCP-095-JP is basically treated as an invalid vote, but if the number of votes is larger than that of other candidates, an anomaly is generated. If this occurs, SCP-095-JP will be counted as valid votes, and Satō Saitō (Hereafter referred to as SCP-095-JP-1) will be elected. And then, for the many people who hold the right to suffrage in that district, they’ll have the perception that SCP-095-JP-1 truly exists. Furthermore, those who work around SCP-095-JP-1 claim to have heard their true voice and received indications from them.

Incident 095-JP-A:
In 19██/██/██, SCP-095-JP-1 won the local mayor election in the town of ███, ██ City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Up until removal by the Foundation, SCP-095-JP-1 had established a number of independent town regulations, which were all followed by the town residents. Below are examples of the regulations made to be followed:

・Groups of more than two residents assaulted those who do not abide by the designated garbage collection day.
・Those who committed parking violations in front of town hall were tortured for several hours.
・A member of a biker gang who received multiple complaints was caught, dismembered, and his corpse hung in front of the town hall.
・Those who demanded the mayor be removed were subjected to ritual murder by fire.

Most residents didn’t question the regulations they followed, and did not attempt resistance. Also, neither residents out of town nor the police questioned any anomaly occurring in ███ town. The Foundation altered the town’s election name list and sent agents to demand a recall for SCP-095-JP-1. Another agent was dispatched to the Election Administration Commission and with their approval, performed a local referendum with only Foundation staff, effectively removing SCP-095-JP-1. Such methods have been shown to be effective at momentarily neutralizing SCP-095-JP-1. Following this, all ███ town residents were subjected to a large-scale A-class amnestic treatment. Of note is that the deputy mayor and other town staff claimed that SCP-095-JP-1 was always working at the mayor’s desk, despite there being no evidence of the desk being used for the past 2 months.

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