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Operative Nash-29 (born in Medvyn village, Bila Tserkva rayon, Kyiv oblast, Ukraine) preparing to activate SCP-095-UA during the Experiment 095-UA-3.


D-1952-107 (born in Burashevo village, Kalinin rayon, Tver oblast, Russian Federation) during the Experiment 095-UA-3.

Item #: SCP-095-UA

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All 8 3 samples of SCP-095-UA are to be stored in the Arms and Ammunition Warehouse of Site ██, separately from other armaments and in appropriately marked containers. Upon completion of the studies, all remaining SCP-095-UA shall be transferred for storage to the UA-44 Militarized Site.

Experiments and research that stipulate for activation or risk activation of the object may be allowed only with the prior approval of the list of participants by the Head of the Medical Service of Site ██. Updated: Due to the small number of available object samples, experiments and invasive studies are temporarily suspended. The External Relations Division of Site ██ is currently negotiating with third parties on the possibility of procurement of an additional batch of the object samples.

Description: The object constitutes a line of anomalous weaponry based on the RPO-A Shmel1 — a Soviet-Russian man-portable disposable rocket-assisted 93 mm caliber flamethrower, equipped with thermobaric ammunition. SCP-095-UA can be distinguished from the non-anomalous weapons of the same type by the distinctive marking of its lid, which consists of three solid lines – of yellow, black, and yellow colour. The available information suggests that the object is being actively manufactured, but neither the production rate nor the location of the manufactuing capacities have been established.

The inner structure of SCP-095-UA is identical to that of non-anomalous RPO-A Shmel, aside from the few notable exceptions:

  • the fiberglass launch tube is covered with carved taumaturgical symbols, some of which are similar to those found on metal weapons of the Sarmatian nobility, as observed in the burials of the I-III centuries AD
  • the regular collet is replaced by an organic one, made of durable flammable bone material; analysis of the available samples revealed their human origin, but donours could not be identified
  • the surface of the ammunition contains traces of dried human blood; the nature of the spread indicates, with high probability, that it has been purposefully sprinkled there with an aspergillum or a similar tool

The aforementioned features are considered to be the cause of the anomalous properties of the object. The first such property is the increased range of fire — while the effective range of non-anomalous RPO-A Shmel samples constitutes 600 meters, and the maximum — 1000 meters, SCP-095-UA has demonstrated the ability to effectively and accurately hit the target at a distance of up to 1200 meters. Because the object is equipped with the standard RPO-A Shmel jet engine, it is currently believed that the increase in ammunition’s range is ought to the combustion of the organic collet that ignites during its activation2. The second anomalous property of the object is the self-homing of its ammunition, which is not structurally possible and never occurs among non-anomalous weapons of that type. At the same time, the SCP-095-UA’s self-homing works in a very special way — regardless of the launch tube’s direction and of the target in the object’s sights, the ammunition, upon exiting the launch tube, will immediately head to the nearest human in its range, who seemingly genetically corresponds the most to the blood sprinkled on the ammunition. The ammunition is capable of complex and high-precision maneuvering to avoid obstacles on the way to its target, as well as of active pursuit, thus (and in combination with the distinctive marking of the launch tube) the object received an informal name of “Crazy Bee”3 among the participants of experiments4. Although the above makes the object an extremely effective weapon for destroying concealed and fortified manpower of a potential enemy, the functioning principle of the self-homing system makes its use high-risk in densely populated areas, and achieving maximum ammunition range is unlikely outside of controlled environments.

Of the 8 samples secured by MTF Buky ("Treasure Seekers") during the initial discovery, 8 were covered with a mixture of blood, later identified as that of "Sparta" battalion militants of the Donetsk People's Republic5, who went missing in 2015. As a result, present ammunition homes at the nearest Russian. Attempts by the Foundation to modify the targeting of SCP-095-UA by flushing blood and applying a new one resulted in a loss of the ammunition's self-homing ability. Due to the absence of abnormalities in the chemical composition of the blood, the anomalous effect is considered to be caused by a special method of its application; Dr. R████ and Dr. Yakym have been assigned to search for sarkic and taumaturgical rituals that could be responsible for this effect.

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