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Item #: SCP-096-DE

Object Class: Neutralized

Security Containment Procedures: Presently, the risk of the public gaining awareness of SCP-096-DE is minimal. Should any persons make SCP-096-DE known to the public, said persons are to be discredited and their statements declared to be misinformation.

Description: SCP-096-DE denotes a phenomenon that occurred approximately 4.5 billion years ago, at which time the proto-Earth was subject to a spatial displacement event that transported the planet from an unknown point in the universe into our solar system. Thus far, it is unknown what caused this displacement, but due to the Earth itself not showing any anomalous properties, it is presumed to have been caused by an outside force.

The Foundation became aware of SCP-096-DE while studying several documents found alongside SCP-045-DE. Subsequent research, carried out through the use of [REDACTED], confirmed the recorded events.

The proto-Earth appeared right in orbit of the to-this-point-hypothetical planet Theia. Unlike previously thought, Theia was orbited by two moons and seemed to harbour intelligent life. What type of life existed on Theia can not be determined anymore. After the collision, the earth's surface seems to have been completely destroyed and covered with material from Theia. This process has falsified the results of any subsequent attempt to measure the Earth's age. It was, however, possible for the Foundation to determine the true age of the planet by digging ██ km into the Earth, and amounts to ca. 9.8 billion years.

Foregone analysis suggests that the sudden increase in gravitational force on Theia's position influenced the solar system significantly. Model calculations suggest that SCP-096-DE caused a chain reaction that has both prevented Neptune from leaving the solar system due to acting centrifugal forces and Mars to collide with Jupiter's moon Europa. It is not known if there was any life in our solar system prior to SCP-096-DE that was influenced by it.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. The fact that Theia and its civilization lie in the past is a sad fact and probably a great loss, yet think about this; without SCP-096-DE, we wouldn't exist. Whatever phenomenon that was, we owe it our existence, yet we are not responsible for it."
- Dr. Reiner

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