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SCP-096-VN. Inscription not visible.





Special Containment Procedures:

A 250m radius perimeter around SCP-096-VN has been set up under the guise of a biosphere reserve. Trespassing individuals are to be detained and amnesticized.

Efforts to develop the land surrounding SCP-096-VN are underway..Vetoed per Article II, Section 5 of the ASEAN Paracultural Accord. No further disturbances is to be made to the land surrounding SCP-096-VN.

Any deviation from expected behaviors is to be reported to the Department of Mythological Studies.

(Revised 2021/15/10)


SCP-096-VN is an unmarked gravestone located within Ba Vì National Park, Hanoi, Vietnam. It is a roughly-6m-tall limestone boulder with one side carved out, but otherwise lacks prominent distinguishing features.

The carved-out side has the following inscription:

Here lies a moment of his eternity

The one I called my brother.

The land surrounding SCP-096-VN is exceptionally fertile, with high bioavailability of key nutrients and accelerated mineralization process, as well as consistent levels of monthly rainfall contributing towards the flourishing of wildlife in the areas. However, all cultivation attempts thus far have resulted in extreme aggression from native animal species and, at one point, sudden rainstorm resulting in 2 casualties from lightning strikes.

Addendum 096.1:

Radioscopic imaging of the ground beneath SCP-096-VN revealed a human corpse of high thaumaturgic capacity, surrounded by many gold and silver ingots, pearl jewelries, several dozen elephant tusks, horse skeletons, shark carcasses, mussel shells and bones of unidentified animals. Notably, sea-based objects are positioned more directly in front of the corpse.

Shortly after, the following appeared underneath the original inscription:

To have been shaped by belief, then desire, then adversity - prisoner to the words of our children. I did not realize then the destiny laid before us as I rose against him, time and again.

I understand now, and only my eternal regrets and atonement can you find here.

The chain is no more, leave my brother be.

Foundation personnel immediately retreated without further incident. Special Containment Procedures have been revised and placed under the oversight of the Department of Mythological Studies.

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