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Item #: SCP-098-DE

Object Class: Euclid

Secure Containment Procedures: SCP-098-DE is to be stored in an insulating cell measuring 3 m x 3 m x 3 m, the inner walls of which are coated with corrosion-resistant material. SCP-098-DE must at all times have a stainless steel clamp in place to prevent it from preparing its weapon system for fire. Additionally, it is to be fixed to the bottom of the chamber by suitable means. The isolation cell is to be equipped with an airlock and an adjacent observation room. In addition, an air outlet and an air inlet are to be integrated into the ceiling of the insulation cell in order to be able to remove chemical warfare agents from the cell. This exhaust is to be connected with a filter system, which is to be able to filter all materials except nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and noble gases from the air.

Personnel entering and handling SCP-098-DE's isolation cell must be equipped with a chemical protection suit with integrated oxygen cylinder for safety reasons. If SCP-098-DE is to be transported, it is to be stored in an airtight box made of a resistant material, the dimensions of which, in addition to the clamp, prevent it from placing its weapon system on fire standby.

Description: SCP-098-DE is an oval-shaped robot drone with a flat underside. It is 25 cm long and 20 cm wide at its thinnest cross section. SCP-098-DE consists of three segments, the 2 cm wide lower segment, the 2 cm wide weapon segment and the upper segment, which is 21 cm high. The colors and pattern of the upper and lower segments always match those of the surrounding environment of the SCP-098-DE, allowing it to camouflage itself in almost any environment.

The sub-segment of SCP-098-DE has no conspicuous features other than the Raptor Tec Industries logo. It is assumed, however, that it contains the drone's locomotion mechanism. This allows SCP-098-DE to exert kinetic energy of varying strength and direction on itself in a previously unexplained manner, giving it the ability to float through the air. With this method of locomotion, it seems capable of reaching maximum speeds of up to 5 m/s and can exert a force of up to 10 N on obstacles. It is apparently also able to determine the point of application of the kinetic energy, since it automatically reorients itself whenever it is tilted.

SCP-098-DE is able to hide its weapon segment by lowering its upper segment. The surface of the segment consists of a metal whose analysis has so far yielded few results since it appears to be inert to all chemical reactions. Nevertheless, it is possible to damage the material by physical influences. The surface has folds, which are equipped with a large number of small gas nozzles. SCP-098-DE is capable of ejecting various chemical warfare agents with pressures of up to 600 Kpa, such as mustard gas, prussic acid or tear gas, using these gas nozzles. SCP-098-DE is capable of delivering warfare agents in combination and normally produces mixtures with several until now not adequately analyzed mask breakers to prevent its attack from being ineffective due to the use of gas masks. The only effective protection against SCP-098-DE's gases to date are chemical protective suits with integrated oxygen cylinders. SCP-098-DE can seemingly only use its weapon system if it is not hidden under the upper segment, so a stainless steel clamp prevents it from lifting its upper segment.

The upper segment has a small camera that allows SCP-098-DE to observe and film its surroundings. At its highest point there is also a microphone that allows SCP-098-DE to capture and record sounds from 1000 Hz to 30 KHz. The microphone also acts as a loudspeaker for communication. SCP-023-DE-01, after viewing the object, stated that the sign of the "Fourth Reich" had been placed on the upper segment.

SCP-098-DE seems to harbor two different entities designated as SCP-098-DE-A and SCP-098-DE-B. Both are able to communicate with each other and with staff using the loudspeaker and can be distinguished by their voices and their ways of speaking. SCP-098-DE-A claims to be the AI of the robot drone, which it calls "R.T.I. Miasma". It appears to have control over SCP-098-DE and is hostile and uncooperative towards Foundation personnel. SCP-098-DE-B claims to be a "demon" sealed in SCP-098-DE. SCP-098-DE-B is more corporative towards Foundation personnel than SCP-098-DE-A, but does not seem to have any control over SCP-098-DE. SCP-098-DE-A and SCP-098-DE-B antagonize each other because of their opposing views on different issues and often quarrel with each other.

Discovery: SCP-098-DE was discovered during the search of an abandoned facility of the "Fourth Reich". It had been locked in a steel cabinet with the word "failures" written on it in red. SCP-098-DE-A, when discovered by Foundation personnel, immediately released large quantities of prussic acid, resulting in the loss of the entire investigation team. SCP-098-DE was later salvaged and contained by a team of Foundation hazardous materials specialists equipped with chemical protective suits and oxygen cylinders. In addition to SCP-098-DE, only metal debris and individual machine parts were found in the cabinet. SCP-098-DE has apparently been in continuous operation since its containment, and its energy and ammunition reserves appear to be inexhaustible. In this context, SCP-098-DE-B claims that it is responsible for this phenomenon.

At the moment the disassembly of SCP-098-DE is not scheduled, as SCP-098-DE-A indicated that when the machine is opened, an explosive device is activated. Therefore, for the time being, information retrieval is limited to interrogations only. For safety reasons, interviews with SCP-098-DE-A and SCP-098-DE-B are currently only carried out by personnel wearing chemical protection suits with an integrated oxygen cylinder, as SCP-098-DE-A floods the room with toxic gas at every opportunity.

The strategy to seize the "Fourth Reich" was adapted to the findings of SCP-098-DE.

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