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RISK: caution THREAT: green


SCP-099-ID as found by the IAA, circa 1968-1970.

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-099-ID is stored in a special containment unit dubbed "Masmira", an earthquake-proof, air-vacuumed containment unit on Site-██. SCP-099-ID is tied and weighted on the floor and walls of "Masmira" in order to prevent movements of SCP-099-ID.

Personnel tasked with the containment of SCP-099-ID, henceforth designated as 99ID Personnel, are first selected by Site-██'s director with special attention to: personal integrity, positive opinions on rights of expression, and loyalty to the Foundation. 99ID Security Personnel are rotated each year, while 99ID Technical Personnel are rotated every three years, all of them with the appropriate anomalous and non-anomalous amnesticisation. Rotations of personnel are done routinely unless otherwise specified.

Security of SCP-099-ID and "Masmira" is the top priority of Site-██. At least █ 99ID Security Personnel are to perpetually stand guard around "Masmira". Routine check are done to evaluate the conditions of SCP-099-ID and "Masmira". If any damage to SCP-099-ID and/or "Masmira" is found, it is reported to Site-██'s director. Appropriate action is then taken by 99ID Technical Personnel after it has been decided on by Site-██'s director. Experimentation on SCP-099-ID, unless done with permission and authorisation of the Executive Council1, is prohibited for any purpose.

Considering SCP-099-ID anomalous properties and the circumstances of SCP-099-ID's acquirement by the Foundation, a simple anomaly will be designated SCP-099-ID-1 for the purposes of deception and secrecy. The regulation of information about SCP-099-ID is the highest priority of Site-██' internal and external communication network. Information pertaining to SCP-099-ID is strictly prohibited from circulation without permission and authorisation by the Executive Council. If an emergency situation arises on Site-██, Site-██'s director is given executive authority on SCP-099-ID.

SCP-099-ID is a simple swing set from 1930, made by the Dutch East Indies colonial government. SCP-099-ID's seat is made of a kind of light metal hooked by a pair of chains to its frame, the latter consisted of iron tubes. When acquired by the Foundation, SCP-099-ID has experienced mild rusting, and was afterwards repaired and restored as appropriate without dismantling or replacing its components.

The Foundation acquired SCP-099-ID in a raid on [DATA REDACTED] Office of the Institute for Anomalous Affairs2 (IAA) in Jakarta on December of 1996. This raid was executed in such a way to mask it as the actions of Chaos Insurgency. Further information on SCP-099-ID is available on the file titled SCP-099-ID — OVERVIEW.

The anomalous properties of SCP-099-ID are activated when SCP-099-ID is used as any other normal swing sets. When SCP-099-ID is swung, "discontent"3 of the populace of Indonesia will decrease. Files acquired by the Foundation show that swinging SCP-099-ID faster lessens said public "discontent"4. The radius of effect of SCP-099-ID is estimated to be conceptually linked to the legal and formal boundaries and borders of the Dutch East Indies colony during the 1910s. However, the strength of SCP-099-ID's anomalous properties on the Indonesian public "discontent", or how to measure them, is not completely known.

Due to SCP-099-ID's anomalous properties that has been evaluated to be Ekhi on the Disruption Scale, and apprehensiveness of damages occuring to SCP-099-ID in consideration of its age and history of usage, experimentation of or on SCP-099-ID is prohibited for any purpose (see Special Containment Procedures).

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