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RISK: caution THREAT: green


SCP-099-ID as found by the IAA, circa 1968-1970.

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-099-ID is stored in a special containment unit designated as Unit 4509-Masmira, an earthquake-proof, air-vacuumed containment unit on Site-██. SCP-099-ID is tied and weighted on the floor and walls of Unit 4509-Masmira to immobilise SCP-099-ID.

The personnel tasked with the containment of SCP-099-ID, henceforth designated as 99ID Personnel, are first selected by the director of Site-██ID with attention to: personal integrity, opinions on rights of expression, and loyalty to the Foundation. 99ID Personnel are divided according to their tasks: Static Task Force-2106ID "Kalimas" (STF-2106ID) for physical security and 99ID Technical Personnel for maintenance of Unit 4509-Masmira and SCP-099-ID. 99ID Personnel are rotated every two years, with appropriate anomalous and non-anomalous amnesticisation. These personnel rotations are mandatory unless otherwise specified.

Security of SCP-099-ID and Unit 4509-Masmira are to be the top priorities of Site-██ID. Routine checks are done in order to evaluate the conditions of SCP-099-ID and Unit 4509-Masmira. Damage found on SCP-099-ID and/or Unit 4509-Masmira is to be reported to the director of Site-██ID in order for action to be taken by 99ID Technical Personnel after an appropriate treatment has been decided. Experimentation on SCP-099-ID, unless permitted and authorised by the Executive Council1, is prohibited for any purpose.

Considering the anomalous properties of SCP-099-ID and the circumstances upon which it was acquired by the Foundation, a simple anomaly will be designated SCP-099-ID-1 for the purposes of deception and secrecy. The regulation of information about SCP-099-ID is the highest priority of Site-██ID's communication network. Information pertaining to SCP-099-ID is strictly prohibited from circulation without the permission and authorisation from the Executive Council.

SCP-099-ID is a simple swing set dated to the year 1930, and was manufactured by the Dutch East Indies colonial government. The seat of SCP-099-ID is constructed out of aluminium and hooked by a pair of chains to its frame, the latter made out of iron tubes. Upon possession by the Foundation, SCP-099-ID had experienced mild rusting, and was afterwards repaired and restored as appropriate without dismantling or replacing its components.

The Foundation acquired SCP-099-ID in a raid on the [DATA REDACTED] Office of the Institute for Anomalous Affairs2 (IAA) in Jakarta on December of 1996. This raid was executed in such a way to mask it as the actions of Chaos Insurgency. Further information on SCP-099-ID is available on the SCP-099-ID — OVERVIEW file.

The anomalous properties of SCP-099-ID are activated when SCP-099-ID is used as any other normal swing sets. When SCP-099-ID is swung, "discontent"3 of the populace of Indonesia decreases. Files acquired by the Foundation indicate that its effects on said public "discontent" is scales with the speed of SCP-099-ID's swinging motions4. The radius-of-effect of SCP-099-ID is estimated to be conceptually linked to the boundaries of the Dutch East Indies during the 1910s. However, any clarity on the strength of SCP-099-ID's anomalous properties on the Indonesian public "discontent" or any reliable way to measure such effects are still unclear.

Due to the anomalous properties of SCP-099-ID which is estimated to be Ekhi on the current Disruption Scale, and cautiousness towards damages to SCP-099-ID in light of its age and history of usage, experimentation of or on SCP-099-ID is prohibited for any purpose (see Special Containment Procedures).

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