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Item#: 099-VN
Containment Class:
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The thumbnail of SCP-099-VN

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation personnel should initiate tracking and confiscate all mobile devices in which SCP-099-VN was installed. Afterwards, all confiscated devices’ batteries are to be removed, and the devices are to be stored at Site-026’s Archive. MTF ψ-26 ("Wanderers of Gensokyo") is tasked with monitoring and archiving chat threads related to SCP-099-VN, or threads created by PoI-0412 in the internal BBS of GoI-093 "PAMWAC".

Description: SCP-099-VN is a J-Pop music streaming app on mobile phones bearing the name: "Waifu Heaven.mp3". Except for the fact that the app’s only display language is Japanese and its background image solely depicts fictional characters in bikinis, the user interface and functions of SCP-099-VN are similar to the app SoundCloud.1 It is impossible to turn the device off2 or uninstall SCP-099-VN after the first time it is used on a device.

The anomalous properties of SCP-099-VN will take effect when its user chooses a song to stream.3 At this moment, one or various humanoid entities whose appearance is similar to the character(s) mentioned in the song4 will manifest in the proximity of the user and exist until the song ends.5 Swapping songs will lead to the existing SCP-099-VN-A being angry and demanifesting immediately.

Addendum 1: Discovery

SCP-099-VN came into Foundation attention on ██/██/████. On this day, a user named Asukaplztwerk96216 has created an internal BBS thread of GoI-093 "PAMWAC", which has a high probability of being related to the origin of SCP-099-VN. All thread contents are listed below:

Addendum 2: Recordings

Note: Listed below are some of all the related conversations recorded by Foundation’s CCTVs. Of note is that all subjects have been monitored by Foundation forces before they started using the app.

Research on the exact nature of SCP-099-VN, as well as all personal information and whereabouts of PoI-0412 and other Persons of Interest, is being carried out.

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