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Item #: SCP-100-JP

Object Class: Safe Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: MTF Iota-8 (“Star Watcher”), consisting of astronomers and armed tacticians, is to be stationed at Site-103 to prevent intruders within 5 km reach of SCP-100-JP and to observe the interiors of the location. Anyone who intrudes the 5 km range of Site-103 without permission is to be immediately terminated regardless of any purpose whatsoever. Site-103 is to be fenced with electric barriers 10m or higher. Officially, Site-103 is to be treated as a mining facility of a Uranium vein found beneath.

Due to deterioration, SCP-100-JP must be maintained once every few years at all times. Maintenance operations is to be done by 20 workers trained specially for wooden household maintenance. The workers are strictly forbidden to enter the attic.

Description: SCP-100-JP is a wooden two-story house with an attic, found in Yucatán Province, Mexico. The original owner of the building was ███ █████, and after his death, the house was left with no proprietors.

The first and second floor of SCP-100-JP are rooms with no anomalies. However, the attic, which is accessible by a ladder located in the second floor, contains a wooden space with a size far larger than would be expected from the size of the house. This space is completely in a gravity-free and vacuum state. Investigation of the space by a drone revealed that the space extends to a radius of at least 127 km. Owing to the fact that wooden “walls” extend in all directions and disappear into the horizon, this space is indicated to be warped. Following Incident 100-2, attempts to destroy the “walls” are strictly forbidden.

The inner space of the attic in SCP-100-JP contains vast amounts of “heavenly bodies” consisting of wooden material seemingly derived from various furniture. The “planets” are about 10 cm in diameter, and “fixed stars” with light bulbs inserted are far more enormous. The source of wood, light bulbs, and the power supply to light the bulbs are unknown. Also, the “heavenly bodies” crumble with a simple shock.

It has been found by the Foundation astronomers that the circumstances of these “heavenly bodies” correspond with that of those in our universe at the present time. It has been proven that damage dealt to the “heavenly bodies” damage the corresponding heavenly bodies in our universe respectively, and damage dealt to “walls” damage the void of space equally. Because of these traits, experiments within SCP-100-JP are strictly forbidden (See also Incident 100-1, Incident 100-2).

Incident 100-1
In █/█/19██, when a research team led by Foundation astronomers entered SCP-100-JP to investigate the space in detail, a researcher mistakenly destroyed a “star” inside SCP-100-JP. ██ years later in █/██/20██, Star █████ near Taurus suddenly made a supernova explosion uncorrelated to its stellar age. Immediately after this incident was observed by the Foundation astronomy team, SCP-100-JP, formerly thought as an object simply mimicking heavenly bodies, was classified as an Euclid-class object. “Planets” and “stars” destroyed by minor contact while survey of SCP-100-JP count up to over 1█. Fortunately, all “heavenly bodies” destroyed were distant from the “planet” resembling the Earth, and it is estimated that no harm would be dealt by the incident to the residents of the Earth.

Incident 100-2
In █/██/200█, some parts of SCP-100-JP collapsed due to an earthquake, resulting in holes in walls of the attic and many “heavenly bodies” destroyed. This caused [Secluded to personnel under level 5 clearance by O5-█,█,█,██]. Considering the fact that SCP-100-JP is in danger of annihilation from deterioration and/or hazards, SCP-100-JP was reclassified as a Keter-class object.

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