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Item #: SCP-100-PT

Object class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-100-PT is currently in the possession of Agent ████████. Depending on missions and expeditions of reconnaissance, containment, neutralization, or combat against anomalous objects, and occurrences, SCP-100-PT may be requested by any Agent with Clearance Level 4 or above that is a member of a Task Force, or a research team, given the approval of O5-█, and the agent currently possessing the object. An agent with clearance level 3 or lower that requests the object will require the additional approval of 3 operatives of level 4, or above, and of its designated Site Administrator.

Three (3) guards must be tasked with monitoring, and studying the local where SCP-100-PT was retrieved from, taking turns every three hours, each individual must be positioned between thirty (30), and seventy (70) metres of distance from point zero. 8 cameras must be placed in the perimeter of the discovery site in a radius of five (5) meters, and are to be monitored at all times by two Level 2 personnel.

Any person, animal, or electronic device approaching the debris of the discovery site of the object designated SCP-100-PT-6 picking up pieces, or feeding in the region must be contained, and investigated. Civilians, and military personnel must be interrogated and administered Class-C amnestics before being released. Suspects and PoIs must be kept under Foundation custody.

Users of SCP-100-PT that activate the effects of SCP-100-PT-4 or -5 in places where personnel, agents, researchers, or any Foundation collaborators may be affected by its anomalous capabilities must be incapacitated, questioned, and terminated following the example of the Incident 100-PT-A.

Description: SCP-100-PT is a device measuring 2 x 2 x 7.5 centimetres, made of plastic with an aluminium halm that can be adjusted in one of the sides. In one of SCP-100-PT's extremities, there are concave lens with 7.5 cm in diameter, with a non-visible interior due to its reflective properties. In another of its extremities, there is an arc supposedly made to allow SCP-100-PT to be hung from a cord, or keychain. In the face opposite to the aluminium halm, there is a small button to activate, and deactivate SCP-100-PT's effects, and an inscription stylized with an unknown brand called Menezes █████.


SCP-100-PT-2: Recorder (with its button pressed) and camera (press, and release).

SCP-100-PT-1: When SCP-100-PT's halm is aligned to its main component, the object's lenses possess the function of an extremely powerful lantern that shines with an output of up to 200 Watts in any direction of the lens. The white colour of the light is powerful enough to cause ocular damage to anyone observing the direct emission from the lantern from a nearby point. Besides the iterate usage of the device for reconnaissance of dark environments such as caverns, and abandoned tunnels, this configuration has been occasionally used to torture Foundation dissidents, and PoIs.

SCP-100-PT-2: When SCP-100-PTs halm is completely open in a 90º curve and pointed down, the object becomes a camera capable of recording with a peripherical line of sight in a manner very similar to the human vision, with every angle being recorded with perfect quality; the video can be extracted from SCP-100-PT through wireless connection, or Bluetooth from any computer, or mobile device with available storage space. The device shown as available in the network search containing the pertinent data is named ███████, with its current password being ███████████, defined by Agent ████████.


SCP-100-PT-3, configurated to project images.

SCP-100-PT-3: When SCP-100-PT's halm is positioned about 30º in relation to the object, with its lens pointed upwards, the object is able to project images in a 180º degree angle, sharply illuminating any surface, at any time of the day, in internal or external locations; at any time, the object's button may be pressed to skip to the following image or video.

SCP-100-PT-4: When SCP-100-PT's aluminium halm is held at exactly 180º degrees in relation to its main body, the device starts emitting 3000 to ████ rad of radiation, that is swift and noxious to any individual within five (5) metres of distance from SCP-100-PT, with exception of the individual handling the object. Research proves that the radiation occurs due to the chemical decay of uranium, albeit fragments of different radioactive elements have been detected occasionally.


SCP-100-PT configurated to emit radiation, -PT-4

SCP-100-PT-5: When the SCP-100-PT's halm is folded in 90º and held upwards, in the format of a cannon. In this format, a █████ ray emitting █████, and █████ of up to ██████ rad, reaching temperatures between 1500 ºC (2732 ºF) and █████ ºC (█████ ºF) is released from its lens every time its button is pressed, the ray is continuously emitted towards the aimed direction until the object's button is released. Lightly pressing its halm backwards-wise increases the potency from the observed emissions.

Discovery: SCP-100-PT was found inside a drawer in an abandoned temporary laboratory located in the coordinates 5°34'13.8"S 59°38'27.5"W within the region of the Amazon Rainforest in 07/03/199█ (day/month/year). Besides the object, other adapted tools of unknown origin, and use have been found inside lockers, safes, and over the tables, aside microscopes, clipboards, office materials, and research paraphernalia.


Cannon configuration: SCP-100-PT-5.

The laboratory contained ██ 60cm³ cages stacked in █ lines by one of the walls. █ cages contained animals of the Mico nigriceps, Mico mauesi and Mico ████████ species. Every animal had been found to be already dead, with signs of malnourishment, and dehydration, but with no physical signs of violence, such as cuts, and stabs.

After containment of anomalous materials, and evaluation of the utility of several utensils, and registers within the laboratory, the building was incinerated by Foundation personnel, beginning the current procedures of monitoring, and containment of SCP-100-PT-6.

After extensive research about the properties, and capabilities of SCP-100-PT, the object was deemed Safe by the primary team, the designation was confirmed by the secondary team. Following that, SCP-100-PT was requested as a standard utilitarian to be used by Agent ████████. The contract 5BP2-100-PT-1X5 regulated the legal procedure for the usage of SCP-100-PT by agents with Clearance Level 4, and in special cases, Level 3, in missions, and research wherein the object may be useful, starting 01/01/2008.

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