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One of the still images of "Hell's Pit" - A demon is cutting into the body of a prisoner with an axe for 72 hours before the prisoner is replaced.

Item# SCP-100-TH

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: There are no special containment measures for SCP-100-TH. The structure containing SCP-100-TH is surrounded by a zinc fence on all sides, with warning signs posted "Dangerous Construction Zone - No Entry." Zinc barriers are installed on all sides, and CCTV cameras are placed within SCP-100-TH to monitor the area and prevent unauthorized access. Intruders will be captured and have their memories erased.

Description: SCP-100-TH is an ancient mural painting inside a temple located deep in the forest in the ████████ province. The mural depicts the story of the eight Hells, created by an unknown artist during the ███ monarch's reign. All SCP-100-TH paintings are animated, with talking and screaming sounds as if someone had installed LED screens on the walls and played animated cartoons of the eight hells. However, these are paintings.

The activities in each SCP-100-TH paintings may be repetitive, but the faces of the tormented individuals are never the same, and those who die from the torment are replaced with new people. The mechanism behind these occurrences is unknown, and current investigations to find abnormalities in the paintings have not yet yielded answers.

Appendix: The Institute believes that SCP-100-TH may be related to the Association of Black Magic Power Users, but this is only a hypothesis.


An image of a Preta that can pass through each Hell.


An image of a prisoner being burned by the fires of Hell before vanishing, strikingly resembling D-142.

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