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3/100-VN LEVEL 3/100-VN

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-100-VN is to be placed inside a transparent glass box in an anomalous item holding chamber at Site ██; all interactions with SCP-100-VN are only to be authorized by a Level 3 or higher Staff Member, and it is prohibited to come into direct contact with the object.


SCP-100-VN being interviewed with Dr. Lam

Description: SCP-100-VN is an entity with dragon-like appearance and the ability to communicate directly with humans via speaking. The exact appearance and language used by SCP-100-VN varies according to each individual’s personal background, religion and preferences.

SCP-100-VN is currently containing itselves inside a 2x2x3cm solid glass block, which is placed on a base made of the same material. Other than this object being indestructible, the chemical structure of it suggested no difference in composition compared to normal glass. SCP-100-VN is able to make some restricted movement inside the block, although the solid crystalline structure of glass does not inherently permit it.

SCP-100-VN has the ability to1 provide various historical, social, anthropological, and theological knowledge of cultures all around the world, though most of them are only indirectly showed through legends2 and folklore that it shares with its subject.

Discovery: SCP-100-VN was found in Dr. Alicia Lam’s former house in the suburbs of ██ ████ Province, Việt Nam, when she came back to this location to find some documents by the order of the Foundation’s human resource department. Alicia informed that she has no memory related to the existence of SCP-100-VN or any interaction that she might have had with the entity.

After several failed attempts by Dr. Anson Felton to investigate the entity’s origin, the position of Project Lead has been reassigned to Dr. Alicia Lam by order of the Site Director.

Addendum 100.1: The first interview with SCP-100-VN after Dr. Alicia Lam become the Project Lead

Interview 100-7

TIME: 9:30 AM, 16/07/2021

INTERVIEWER: Dr. Alicia Lam, SCP-100-VN’s Project Lead.

INTERVIEWEE: SCP-100-VN (The entity is using Vietnamese and bearing the shape of an Asian dragon)


Dr. Lam: Good morning, SCP-100-VN.

SCP-100-VN: It’s great to finally see you again, how long has it been? Hmm… That is not how you used to call me, though.

Dr. Lam: Have we talked before, SCP-100-VN?

SCP-100-VN: Oh my dear, have you forgotten? Just try to recall, who am I? It’s not that hard, you just need to focus.

Dr. Lam: (long pause) Long… It’s Long, isn’t it? I used to call you Long.

SCP-100-VN: So, about those stories we have been through…

Dr. Lam: (flustered) I’m sorry, I honestly can’t…

SCP-100-VN: Silly dear, no need to be sorry, you will soon remember, I can wait. Now tell me, are you satisfied with your life at the moment?

Dr. Lam: Yes, I think so. But does it matter now?

SCP-100-VN: Such a heartless answer! Look at how time has corroded my child. I remember you used to tell me what you saw on the first day of school in such an excited tone, for hours and hours. But it’s okay, I will give you time, but please, answer this question. My dear, are the dreams still there when you go to sleep? What are they trying to tell you? And how long have you stopped listening to them?

Dr. Lam: SCP-100… sorry, Long, I still need to know…

SCP-100-VN: (interrupt) Don’t think about other things, my dear, just listen to what I said and you will have all the answers you need.

SCP-100-VN stopped responding to Dr. Lam’s questions.


Addendum 100.2: In order for the relationship between her and SCP-100-VN to be understood, Dr. Alicia Lam is requested to provide a personal statement recounting her experience in the time period mentioned in the interview. The following are her statements, with unrelated information removed.

Report 100-5

Reported by: Alicia Lam

Submitted on: 18/7/2021

As stated in my profile when I joined the Foundation, I spent most of my childhood in the United States of America, but still, Vietnam is the place where I was born. To be honest, I cannot recall much of this period; the county where I live didn’t have many kids at the time, and I was home-schooled, so this must have been the reason I don’t have that many friends. My parents always had time for me because their work did not occupy all of their time, so loneliness was what I rarely felt. I remembered how hard I had tried. […] But those things that SCP-100-VN mentioned have made me quite surprised, about the time I went to school, or the names we spoke about. I felt like all of those things happened at the same time, but that can not be the truth.

If there actually was a memetic effect going around, Felton must have noticed it way before me.

Addendum 100.3: The next interview, which was scheduled a few days later.

Interview 100-8

TIME: 10:30 AM, 20/7/2021

INTERVIEWER: Dr. Alicia Lam.



SCP-100-VN: Morning, sweetie, how is your day?

Dr. Lam: Still fine, thank you kindly. So, shall we begin?

SCP-100-VN: Oh, nothing more to talk about? You are being shy.

Dr. Lam: I have been thinking about your question lately.

SCP-100-VN: I hope they didn’t give you a hard time.

Dr. Lam: No, not at all, but you are right, I am still dreaming, but I can’t understand them, they are like a bunch of squiggles, all meaningless… (pause) Long, what do you know about my dreams?

SCP-100-VN: Can't figure it out by yourself… It seems like this world’s corrosion is greater than I thought. (the entity moved in a complex pattern) So… Stay focused, my dear, and listen to my story, about the ancient days, about the wildest desires that have ever existed, about the fear that once threatened to bring down the dawn of light and all humanity’s greatest dynasties. But my dear, please remember by heart, that all those ill-defined hopes won’t last forever, as the starry nights start to fall in the morning lights, listen to the wind and the fog whisper outside your windows…

Dr. Lam: … and may them let us understand the roots of this world.

SCP-100-VN: Have you noticed the similarity yet? Hmm… This is still not the most optimal way… Sorry dear, my mistake. But I think that’s about it for today, sweetie, don’t push yourself too hard like you used to.

Dr. Lam: Bye for now, Long, and thank you. (stumble as she stands up)

SCP-100-VN: Don’t waste time on them until you feel better, my dear.


Accident Report 100.α: At 2:17 AM on 27/07/2021, Dr. Alicia suddenly left her room and arrived at SCP-100-VN’s containment chamber after a few minutes. This dialogue is recorded by her after she went inside the chamber3.

Recording 100-3


TIME: 2:51 AM


Dr. Lam: So sorry to bother you, I should have gone to bed by now.

SCP-100-VN: No worries, my dear child, time has made you less of a child. So, tell me, if your reason to come here is the same answer as I expected or not.

Dr. Lam: So are you going to forgive my mistakes?

SCP-100-VN: Always will be, dear child.

Dr.Lam: Then… Thank you, Long, for listening to me, even now or back then. Can I touch you, just like before?

SCP-100-VN: Gladly do.

(Dr. Lam reach out and touch the entity)

(A brief moment of silence)

Dr. Lam: Ever since I rejected my own reality to come here and abandoned your advice, I have realized that everything in this place isn't what I thought it would be. Sometimes, I felt joy about those privileges that you granted to me, all those exams, all those relationships, all those campaigns, everything just seemed so easy. But at the other end of this bargain, the dark side of this Foundation, it just breaks me the more I see it.

SCP-100-VN: So, one last time… I hope you will be honest with me. Are you satisfied with your current life?

Dr. Lam: I cannot say yes. I am sure of it.

SCP-100-VN: Alright then… It's time to come back.

Dr. Lam: Are you going with me?

SCP-100-VN: There is still much I need to do, my dear.

Dr. Lam: (long sigh) I am going to be really sad if you are not around. About my parents, are they still okay? Will they be ready to welcome me?

SCP-100-VN: They are still fine, sweetie. No need to be sad, you will always have someone around, they will spend time giving you hugs, kisses and the love you always desired.

Dr. Lam: So I was wrong all along.

SCP-100-VN: Stop saying these words, my dear, they are useless.

Dr. Lam: Just like you have taught me, Long.

(Colorful waves of light spread around the chamber; a few minutes later, as the room went dark again, Dr. Lam is nowhere to be seen, and only SCP-100-VN remained.)


Note: All investigations up to this point are unable to discover the location of Dr. Alicia Lam, and she is temporarily considered deceased. The process of editing her personal records and concealment protocol has been carried out by relevant departments.

Addendum 100.4: A letter with extraordinary content has been recovered from Dr. Alicia Lam’s personal items during the process of repurposing her former laboratory.

This is not a rebuke, but rather something totally different, as I should thank everyone. You guys are such a wonderful miracle that ever happened to me. As I listened to the whisper of the wind and fog outside, I followed them, and they told me about my dreams.

A little girl wrapped herself in a blanket, unable to sleep because of her exams, those that simply break down the time of youth.

Since her childhood, she had been taught to follow the path of money, not to waste time on fantasy dreams, just to make her parents feel good about themselves.

She was sunken in words and words, in numbers that break those who try to solve them, while others were having fun on the fields, tasting actual freedom.

She didn’t know what to do but to cry, in the middle of the night, alone.

As another night came following a chain of despair, as the silver moon also showed empathy toward her, it reached out through the window, being her only friend.

As the day passed by, she just wanted the night to arrive faster, for her to express her everything, to listen to stories that had been long lost.

One day, she asked, why her life was so full of tragedy, why the blue sky turned gray from dust, why humans only looked down on themselves and kept walking it off.

She wanted all her adventures to become reality, wanted to discover odd things so that she could use them to fight those ferocious beasts.

As she woke up, everything was not the same. She just kept thinking about her friend, about those promises that were supposed to be meaningless.

Promises that will bring her to Neverland, all she needed to do was just to listen and follow.

She found herself in a luxurious new life in America, in the arms of a whole new family, until the day she grew up.

She was fascinated with the anomalous, and forgetting what was said before, she left the past behind and believed that her dream has come true.

Until she realized, all those endless wars, all her friends, brothers and sisters, all falling down, succumbed into the fiery ashes of bombs and guns.

Pawns that went into the unknown, lives that are not even worth a dime.

Luckily, in those dark times, a hand was still waving, calling from the simpler times.

Giving her the peace she has missed, as a mockery from the above.

Walking through the silence, heading to the unknown.

Back to the place where she belongs…

Alicia Lam

Sorry Felton, as I cannot return the kindness you had given to me.

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