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Item #: SCP-1002-RU

Object Class: Euclid1

Special Containment Procedures: In any broadcast frequencies SCP-1002 should permanently have at least three groups of agents equipped with active interference equipments. One of them is responsible for inhibiting signals continuously without interruption, the other two are responsible for scanning the frequencies of previous broadcasts. The interference should be stopped once every ten minutes, in order to ensure that SCP-1002 is inhibited in all frequencies. In case a containment breach of SCP-1002 happens, detect all broadcast frequencies of SCP-1002 that had been detected previously, if no results are found, then a radio search across all frequencies should be initiated immediately.

Description: SCP-1002 are a group of radio signals with unknown origin, found in cities and ██████ around them. Up to now all attempts of finding the origin of the signals had failed, and the closure of all power sources does not affect the object.

SCP-1002’s radio frequency changes randomly, usually within the known range of ██. There had been no patterns found regarding changes in its frequencies and times of broadcast.

Informations disseminated by SCP-1002 all belong to “top secret,” mostly data about funds of different countries, trade secrets, and other categories. Languages of broadcast are primarily Russian, English, and Chinese, with some unrecognizable dialects. The text is read by a plain, deep male voice, and is often repeatingly broadcasted for dozens of times.

Information broadcasted by SCP-1002 can be present or past in reality, with some exceptions of future events. In the gap of different informations, the propaganda of SCP-1002 can sometimes be heard: “The ‘broadcast’ is true. Everyone must know this!”

Addendum 1:
SCP-1002 was discovered by agent [DATA EXPUNGED], initiatively connected to it due to a misoperation during the way to work. An unknown list of objects was received through SCP-1180-RU2 which agent [DATA EXPUNGED] felt very familiar.

Addendum 2:
Information obtained from SCP-1002:
- The exact location of Napoleon’s army in the battle of Borodino
- The start code of ██ nuclear missile in China: ███.██.19██
- The secret formula of Coca-Cola
- The examination agreement of SCP-1245-RU
- Name of the killer who assassinated John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of United States

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