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SCP-1003-KO with its antimemetic shield deactivated. SCP-1003-KO can effectively mask itself when the shield is activated.

Item #: SCP-1003-KO

Special Containment Procedures: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1003-KO and the DHC Relay System is disguised as a transnationally developed international satellite communications system. Maintainance is performed every three months on the relay system. Foundation sleeper agents planted across various countries' space development agencies are to adjust satellite launch schedules for part replacement.

SCP-1003-KO is to remain inactive at all times. However, if the Administration Department concur that one of the following events may occur, SCP-1003-KO is to be activated immediately.

  • Prediction of a Veil Collapse occurring within a few years
  • Prediction of a K-Class scenario occurring within a few years
  • Prediction of an information leak regarding SCP-1003-KO

Description: SCP-1003-KO is a Foundation-developed satellite currently orbiting Earth and is the final product of the Maitreya Project. The Maitreya Project aims to maintain the Veil as long as possible with minimal costs.

Background information about the Maitreya Project: According to the Foundation Statistics & Predictions Department's analysis, human1 civilisation maintained without the threat of a K-Class scenario will expand out of the Foundation's control within one(1) century. Simultaneously, technological and scientific developments will exponentially increase the risk of exposure of human civilisation to anomalies, triggering the collapse of the Veil. The following cascade of events(e.g. The dismantling of traditional religions, the emergence of new anomaly-worshipping religions, a spike in suicide rates caused by the disruption of normalcy, and open use of paranormal weapons in a world-scale war) is predicted to damage humanity detrimentally. In most prediction models, the Foundation failed to deter the collapse of the Veil and either lost influence on human civilisation or was dismantled.

To prevent such catastrophes, the Foundation Administration Department came up with various measures to preserve the status quo, in which the Foundation still holds control over human civilization. The final choice was the Maitreya Project.

For further detail, refer to Maitreya Project Summary Report(27th edition).

Under the approval of the Administration Department, various paranormal technologies were involved in the Maitreya Project. The technologies directly applied to SCP-1003-KO are as follows:


Prototype DHC. It successfully preserved the humanity of residents of [REDACTED] during the SCP-███ leak.

Antimemetic Shield: This shield was developed using a very effective antimemetic object(SCP-055) that can block any entities from gaining the information within it. On the outside, the shield looks similar to a Faraday cage. However, its mechanism differs in points such as [DATA EXPUNGED]. Upon SCP-1003-KO activation, the shield is to act first to protect SCP-1003-KO from external termination signals and to prevent SCP-1003-KO from being discovered during activation. To prevent the Foundation from forgetting that SCP-1003-KO exists, SCP-1003-KO keeps this shield lifted in inactivity.

Dreaming Humanity Collector(DHC): Developed by reverse engineering the Pleistocene beryllium bronze stele(SCP-1427), the Dreaming Humanity Collector(DHC) is the core technology of the Maitreya Project, composed of the main apparatus installed on SCP-1003-KO, and 49 relay satellites. When SCP-1003-KO is activated, the main apparatus emits an anomalous electromagnetic pulse spread across the globe via the relay satellites. Humans exposed to the pulse are immediately forced into a REM-Sleep. Then, the DHC extracts humanity from the sleeping humans and stores it inside SCP-1003-KO. The human dies in the extraction but is unable to recognise their surroundings. This makes it possible for SCP-1003-KO to store humanity while the Veil is unaffected.

Super-lightspeed Technology: An improved version of the prototype thruster used for Foundation space probe Khevtuul 1(SCP-2669) is mounted on SCP-1003-KO. Shortly after the humanity extraction on Earth, SCP-1003-KO will activate its thruster to escape the solar system and head towards the pre-programmed destination of black hole Cygnus X-1, approximately 7,200 lightyears away. SCP-1003-KO will then semi-permanently preserve humanity, generating energy using Cygnus X-1's Hawking radiation. Ideally, SCP-1003-KO is expected to preserve the Veil for up to 1064 years.


Part of the internal wiring of SCP-1003-KO. Non-Uclidian computronium circuits allow SCP-1003-KO to effectively store the humanity of up to 12 billion people in an extremely low-power state.

The chance of a humanity stored in SCP-1003-KO recognising its state and destroying the Veil is slim. However, due to the extremely long time, the incident is predicted to happen. Therefore, humanity is kept in a REM sleep state to preserve it during possible Veil destruction.2

Considering the caveats such as the predicted Veil collapse, reliance on paranormal technology, and triggering an XK-Class Scenario, the Maitreya Project is not the ideal solution to preserve the Veil. However, considering it can preserve the Veil for the longest amount of time and allows Foundation control over humanity, it was finally chosen as the solution.

Administration Department is continuing to develop a project to replace the Maitreya Project. The Maitreya Project will immediately be frozen if a feasible alternative is developed.

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