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Photo of SCP-1004-KO-J

Item #: SCP-1004-KO-J

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1004-KO-J is to be contained in a standard Safe-class storage locker at site-50.Said safe is to be guarded by 2 guards and double-locked. No personnel are allowed contact with the object. In the event of a containment breach of similar incident, one person approved by the Site Director may use the object. SCP-1004-KO-J is to be handled with gloves. Under absolutely no circumstances can SCP-1004-KO-J leave site-50.

Description: SCP-1004-KO-J appears to be a metal rod, 35cm long and weighing 400g, with a simple pink decoration and a red-colored glass imitation jewel on its tip. Upon physical contact with a person, the person’s consciousness will be altered.

The person who made contact with SCP-1004-KO-J will have their clothes replaced with an outfit comprised of a fancy headband, tops, gloves with large ribbons made of felt, a pink mini-skirt that can barely cover the pelvis, high heel boots and tights coming down to the knees, and [REDACTED] as the supporting inner underwear, all in an appropriate size for the person. When contact is discontinued, the person reverts to their previous state. During the period of contact, the subject is naked, but since their whole body shines a light tens or hundreds of thousands lux, it is impossible to see the subject using the object with naked eyes. Contact with the person is impossible for the interval of contact.

If a male personnel uses the object, the figure of the m██████████ subject is f███ing [DATA EXPUNGED]

Subjects under the effects of SCP-1004-KO-J are significantly bolder and more courageous, and are good at finding missing objects or people. They can be specialized for recovering SCPs that are missing at Site-50, or for capturing escaped D-Class personnel. Notably, when D-class personnel resist, the subject says phrases such as "In the name of love and justice, pa-dum pa-dum pop!", though the effect of this is unknown.

Note: If you have thick thighs, do not touch the object. - Site Director Watanabe

Addendum 1:

Forward: Agent Linda was approved to use SCP-1004-KO-J for the recontainment of Class-D personnel following the containment breach of SCP-████-KO
<Begin Recording, 201█.0█.██. 17:50>

D-5111: Huff… Huff… It should be safe here…

Agent Linda: There you are, villain! Got you now!

D-5111: Dafuq? What the hell are you?

Agent Linda: I am Saint Linda, the crusader of love! Be prepared!

D-5111: (Laughing) Heh… Hee hee, I didn't expect to see such a horrible crazy bitch.

Agent Linda: You'll regret that! Popple-poupe chuffle-chuffle pinky-pinky pow-pow!!

(Sound of someone being beaten badly, scream from a man)

D-5111: Aaaaargh! Help me! This crazy bitch is hitting me!

Agent Linda: Woo-hoo, what do you feel from this magic wand of love!? Shoo-shoo kabalabam ratta-ratta prookah!!

D-5111: Aargh! I'm gonna die!! Let me live…!!

<End Recording, 201█.0█ 17:57>

Closing Statement: Again, another successful performance from Agent Linda. SCP-1004-KO-J is to be used against any further breakout of D-Class personnel. -Site Director Watanabe

Additional Note: Agent Linda is very pleased with her role.

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