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Item #: SCP-1005-RU

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1005-RU is to be stored in the warehouse of valuable items of Sector ██. The locker in which the object is stored must be set with a code lock that requires to be changed once a week.

Description: SCP-1005-RU is an old wooden washing machine with an electric actuator. One of the SCP-1005-RU's legs include the words "Made by Lefty."

The unique property of this object represents the ability of "laundering", i.e. legalization, of money by a completely unknown and inexplicable process. This operation extends merely to banknotes; coins and other external objects (including GPS transmitters) remain in the washing machine. SCP-1005-RU includes a table specifying how long, for a specific currency unit, the machine should be run. The time is proportional to the amount.

Besides that, it is necessary to put a credit card number written on paper inside the washing machine. The list of banks that the object works with is also included. Any mistake may cause the damage of the amount, or transferring a smaller sum to the bank account.

The sign that reads "Made by Lefty" remains in question. Lefty's identity and SCP-1005-RU's creation method is currently unknown.

Addendum 1: SCP-1005-RU user instructions:

Tax frauding? Got cash illegally? Drug dealing? Kidnapping? Stealing? Robbery?
I can't help you here, but this machine will!
Put the money in it, fill up with water, drop the card number in and launch!
P.S. This thing is capricious, so don't forget to examine a couple of lists.
With love, Lefty.

Addendum 2: SCP-1005-RU was confiscated from [DATA EXPUNGED], a known fraudster. The Foundation employee embedded in the FSB (Federal Security Service) found out about SCP-1005-RU from the police officers reports. He confiscated it after being convinced of the authenticity of the reports.

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