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Item #: SCP-1007-RU

Containment Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1007's containment chamber is to be strictly sealed. Entry must be through a triple lock system and only in full protective clothing. After contact with SCP-1007, a sterilization shower and a six-hour quarantine are required. If personnel are found to be infected, they should be euthanized and cremated immediately. The depressurization of the containment chamber is considered a high-risk event in which standard protocols are used, and in addition, the containment chamber and surrounding areas are sterilized using ultra-high temperatures. The object is currently contained in Site 7.

Description: SCP-1007 is a virus previously unknown to science that causes irreversible stepwise mutation of neurons. At the same time, the pain tolerance threshold increases exponentially, however, before each stage of cell mutation, the carrier of the virus experiences pain, the intensity of which almost reaches the current tolerance threshold. The virus is transmitted by airborne droplets, contact and blood contact. A living entity infected with SCP-1007 becomes a carrier of the virus.

The incubation period lasts from two to four hours. In this case, the virus spreads through the central nervous system and the brain. At the end of this period, the infected creature appears to experience severe pain and loss of consciousness. In a few minutes it comes to its senses. This moment can be considered the beginning of the development of the disease.

The number of stages of the disease, apparently, goes to infinity, but among the reported cases there was not one in which a person would have lived to the seventh stage. In one case, a test rat survived to stage nine, after which it was decided to kill it.

Each stage of the disease proceeds as follows: after a certain time from the transition to this stage, the subject begins to experience severe pain, not exceeding, however, the current tolerance threshold. After approximately 36 hours, the pain appears to intensify and the subject finally loses consciousness, but regains consciousness after a few minutes, after which the next stage begins.

The pain experienced by the subject during the "active" period can neither be suppressed nor diminished in any known manner. Any analgesics and tranquilizers have no effect on the body. The subject also cannot lose consciousness during this period.

The "calm" period, like the pain tolerance threshold, increases exponentially. The first such period ranges from 48 to 108 hours, during which the subject feels normal. It should be noted that the period of "activity" does not depend on the current period of "calm", nor on the pain threshold, nor on the tolerance threshold.

Addendum 1007-1: Experiments on humans are to be carried out only with special permission from the O5 Council. Any requests for experiments in which a person would have to reach the sixth stage are rejected in advance. Try to imagine this pain first. - O5-4.

Addendum 1007-2: Excerpt from transcript of conversation with subject at the beginning and end of the first active phase (2 hours 12 minutes and 2 hours 17 minutes from the moment of infection, respectively).

<Subject>: I don't understand. Did you infect me with some kind of crap?

<Dr. Luginin>: Describe how you feel.

<Subject>: I feel fine. Didn't work, goats? I've been sitting here for two hours, and it's still okay-aaaaaaaa..!

(Subject screams, turning into a howl. Further phrases are interspersed with screams and sobs.)

<Subject>: Lord… God… Stop… For what?!

<Assistant Comov>: Freeze it.

<Subject>: What do you want? I… said everything! I said everything! I confessed! Let me go… I raped them… Killed them… Let me go! Stop…

<Dr. Luginin>: Calm down and tell me where it hurts.

<Subject>: (Inaudible) Head… skin… heart… stomach… bones… teeth! Help! Please help..!

(The subject loses consciousness.)

<Dr. Luginin>: Let's wait until he comes to his senses.

(Three minutes pass.)

<Subject>: I… what happened to me?

<Assistant Comov>: You will remember in two days.

<Dr. Luginin>: Komov, shut up.

Addendum 1007-3: Excerpt from the transcript of the report of Dr. █ / █. Luginin, Head of Research on SCP-1007, before the Overseer Council:

<Dr. Luginin>: …Finally, I would like to add that I insist on a complete cessation of experimentation and the elimination of the virus. I hate to sound like a fanatic, but this is just a devilish invention.

<O5-4>: Doctor, we've already limited our experiments so much. The virus cannot be destroyed. If you can get rid of the side effects in the form of an "active phase", there will be no price for him.

<Dr. Luginin>: Even in the absence of an active phase, the infected person will be able to experience and be aware of such pain that you never dreamed of.

<O5-2>: We understand. But the fact that he stays awake… it can be extremely useful in certain situations, don't you agree?

<Dr. Luginin>: I disagree. And I have to declare that I categorically do not approve of your position.

<O5-2>: In that case, Doctor, I have to declare that you are withdrawing from the project. Who is your assistant?

<Dr. Luginin>: …Komov. Junior Researcher Komov.

<O5-4>: Wait a minute, isn't that the one…

<Dr. Luginin>: Exactly. Do you still want to remove me?

<O5-2>: You are suspended. Your assistant will take your place.

<O5-4>: Second, Komov observed the development of the disease up to the sixth stage. He is a sadist.

<O5-2>: Psychiatric examination did not show this. Personally, I am inclined to believe that he is simply more stable psychologically than Dr. Luginin. One way or another, we will resolve this issue later. Dr. Luginin, temporarily hand over the documentation to assistant Komov.

<Dr. Luginin>: Someday you will understand what you just did.

Update as of ██ / █ / 20██: Permission granted for experiments with humans up to Stage 9 - Junior Researcher Komov.

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