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Item #: SCP-101-DE

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-101-DE is contained within a 10 × 10 × 25 room. A Faraday Cage must be constructed around SCP-101-DE in order to counter its anomalous effect. Neglecting to do this, or carrying this out incorrectly, risks irreparable harm to the database (see Incident-101-A "Pandora's Computer“). The leaves of SCP-101-DE must be sprayed daily with 1 Litre of distilled water to prevent the tree from drying out. This is performed by an automatic irrigation system installed on the ceiling of the room.

Because the wood from which SCP-101-DE is composed presents a fire hazard, no form of lighter or other easily ignited object may be brought into the chamber containing SCP-101-DE.

Addendum from 02/██/20██: "ANA"1 found an individual that operates digitally under the name "ParaNora". According to Project Trickster Guidelines, "ANA" must provide regular reports.

Description: SCP-101-DE denotes a 20 m tall oak tree (Quercus robur), with a ████████ brand computer integrated into its trunk at a height of 1.8 m, along with a corresponding screen, microphone, four cameras, a keyboard and three speakers. For ease of reference, this technical equipment is referred to as SCP-101-DE-1. These devices are continually powered by an anomalous connection to the water-conducting outer sapwood of SCP-101-DE, and so there is no real possibility of switching SCP-101-DE off.

SCP-101-DE is able to emit concentrated radio wave impulses, directing them towards the nearest person. These radio waves manipulate the sight, hearing and thinking centres of the brains of affected individuals, increasing circulation through blood vessels in these regions. SCP-101-DE then transmits images into the brains of its victims through an unknown process, and recipients experience themselves becoming a tree (species unknown), ending with them looking out through the lens of a camera.

SCP-101 has been programmed to communicate using the built-in microphone. To speak, SCP-101-DE-1 utilises voices from a Text-To-Speech-Program, allowing SCP-101-DE to freely choose any of the voices included in the program. While contained by the German-speaking branch of the Foundation, SCP-101-DE has communicated using both male and female voices. In several interviews, SCP-101-DE claimed to mean the Foundation no harm. When questioned as to why it projects images into the minds of others, it answered that this was only for self-defence. SCP-101-DE reacts to several questions by stating that access has been denied, accompanied by a warning sign featuring an exclamation mark. Prior to the containment of SCP-101-DE, it had internet access, enabling it to collect information from many public and a few private websites, as well as download software and communicate with people.

Addendum from ██/██/20██: A standard Faraday Cage proved to be the simplest way to block SCP-101-DE's anomalous effects and sever its connection to the database. If this is not set up correctly, SCP-101-DE will cause damage to the database.

Discovery: The Foundation became aware of SCP-101-DE when an individual with the username "Yggdrasil" tried to hack into the Foundation's database. The device from which this attack originated was located, and SCP-101-DE was discovered and secured at the identified location within a specialised greenhouse. The building was modified to moisten SCP-101-DE's leaves and to prevent it from being observed from outside. Additionally, SCP-101-DE had been connected to something via a cable, presumably a device that was missing by the time the anomaly was discovered. The brief connection SCP-101-DE made to the database was successfully severed, and so SCP-101-DE was only able to acquire basic Clearance Level 1 information about the Foundation.

On 02/██/20██ SCP-101-DE received an encrypted ultra-wideband radio signal, and began to communicate.

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