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Item #: SCP-101-FR

Threat Level: Red

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-101-FR constitutes a major breach in the Foundation's coverage. Given that SCP-101-FR is present on the global Internet and its servers (assuming it is hosted on servers) are impossible to locate, Operation "Scarlet Rose" has been initiated.

The details of Operation "Scarlet Rose" are described below.

Description: SCP-101-FR is a website with digital mimicry capabilities. SCP-101-FR is considered sentient because of its capacity to react against external intrusion (computer hacking) by sending a highly infectious virus that renders the hacker's computer unusable, and then evolving its code to close the computer breach used by the hacker.

Its only objective seems to be to reveal the Foundation's existence to the world. Hence, it should be considered possible that a Group of Interest aware of the Foundation's existence and seeking to damage it may have created SCP-101-FR.

SCP-101-FR consists of a site accessible on the global Internet at "". This site happens to be a near-perfect replica of the Foundation's current database. No server hosting SCP-101-FR has been located; all attempts at tracing back to the servers have so far resulted in the crash of the computer performing the search or its infection by a computer virus.

No other such site has been found. Only the Foundation appears affected.

SCP-101-FR is capable of maintaining perfect real-time knowledge of the Foundation's database, even while it is cut off from the civilian Internet and when its servers are protected by a shielding that blocks all wave emissions of any kind. The nature of the connection between the database and SCP-101-FR is unknown; however, it has been demonstrated that:

  • When a new document is entered into the database, a new article perfectly identical to that document is instantly posted on SCP-101-FR.
  • When a shutdown of the Foundation's database was declared shortly after the discovery of SCP-101-FR on ████/06/22, SCP-101-FR remained online.

SCP-101-FR seems with time to have developed into other, secondary sites, all of which are copies of the Foundation's database, based in the countries where the Foundation's branches are located: Russia (, South Korea (, China (Simplified Chinese: and Traditional Chinese:, France (, Poland (, Spain (, Germany (, Thailand (, Italy (, Japan (, Ukraine (, Portugal (, the Czech Republic (, and Vietnam ( This manoeuvre seems to be aimed at best propagating the Foundation's existence by translating it into as many languages as possible, thus reaching as many audiences as possible.

Even worse: in the same manner as for access to the general public, access restrictions for certain documents, normally reserved for personnel of Level 3, 4, or higher, have been broken. SCP-101-FR also appears capable by some unknown process of rendering memetic security agents completely ineffective. Thus, SCP-001 (to take just one example) is displayed for all to see. Fortunately, the addition of false files coupled with "Scarlet Rose" will maintain relative security against any revelation to the general public.


In fact, this file reveals precisely the details of Operation "Scarlet Rose" and the immense trickery surrounding SCP-101-FR. Being read by the general public would risk destroying all our efforts and jeopardising the Foundation's coverage.

Addendum: This article has been successfully removed from the Fren<h, German, Simplified Chine$e, Traditional Chinese, Koreaπ, Span\sh, I£alian, apanese, Polish, Portu§uese, Czech, Thai, RƱssian, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese sites. SCP-101-FR did not exhibit hostility during its deletion. The Foundation's coverage seems assured.
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