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Item #: SCP-1011-RU

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1011-RU is to be stored in the warehouse of valuable materials of Sector ██. It must be kept in a safe, the code from which should be changed 3 times a day. The safe must be guarded by two armed security officers.

Any employee that attempted to use or obtain SCP-1011-RU without a written assurance of at least 3 with Level 4 or 5 security clearance personnel (not including themselves) must be arrested and demoted to Class D.

In case of resistance, permission to fire is granted.

Description: SCP-1011-RU is 150 (at the moment) mechanical fleas (SCP-1011-RU-1), stored in a wood box, and a PDA of an unknown model (SCP-1011-RU-2) on which the control program is installed. PDA has a "Made by Lefty" splash screen.

The purpose of SCP-1011-RU is breaking mechanical, electronic locks and security systems, and destroying electrical equipment. SCP-1011-RU's capabilities do not extend to the software part and are associated with purely mechanical actions.

The user of SCP-1011-RU-2 is able to give commands to move SCP-1011-RU-1, break, destroy, and jam locks/systems.

It's possible to set a complicated sequence of actions using area maps, synchronizing multiple actions, and cracking complex devices (if technical drawing included).

SCP-1011-RU-1 are capable of breaking high-security locks without supplemental instructions, overcoming obstacles in their path (including gnawing through concrete walls and metal sheets of different thickness), restoring their numbers in the presence of nearby electrical appliances and metal, as well as finding the shortest and most convenient way of movement.

Each instance of SCP-1011-RU-1 is an independent miniature robot. Their structure is hard to replicate, and the software component is unknown.

SCP-1011-RU-2 is well researched, some technologies used in it are 3-5 years ahead of their time. The software part remains unknown, since the programming language in which it was written has not been encountered anywhere else.

If SCP-1011-RU-1's are not being used for a long time, they begin to behave like ordinary fleas and spread across the space.

Addendum 1: Information found in SCP-1011-RU-2:

So, you want to sneak somewhere, but you're no good with your hands?
Well, then here's my present, it will be really handy!
You'll figure out how it works. But here's my advice: don't leave this thing alone, or the fleas will go wild.
With love, Lefty.

Addendum 2: SCP-1011-RU was confiscated from members of a ████████ criminal group during the raid. The only who knew where it came from died under mysterious circumstances.

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