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Item #: SCP-1012-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Entry of civilians into SCP-1012-JP is prohibited under the cover story of defective property. If an adult male individual enters SCP-1012-JP outside of experimental procedures or similar objectives, said individual is to be considered dead, and its actions within SCP-1012-JP is to be observed for investigation. Experiments involving SCP-1012-JP are restricted to personnel of level 3 security clearance or above.

Description: SCP-1012-JP is a separate house in the public housing area of ██████, Shizuoka.

SCP-1012-JP exhibits its anomalous effects when an adult human male (henceforth referred to as the subject) enters the interior of SCP-1012-JP. Upon entry, an entity referred to as SCP-1012-JP-A manifests. While a subject is present in the interior, additional individuals entering the house are not affected. Once affected, the subject is unable to perceive any human individuals, except for SCP-1012-JP-A. The effect is persistent regardless of physical interference, and the subject expresses confusion or terror in such cases.

SCP-1012-JP-A is a humanoid entity which resembles a Japanese female, formerly known as Ms. ██. SCP-1012-JP-A behaves as if it were the subject's wife, although its action and speech are inconsistent. The subject perceives SCP-1012-JP-A as his wife. The subject appears to communicate with SCP-1012-JP-A, but what he hears is assumed to be inconsistent with the speech of SCP-1012-JP-A. The anomalous effect continues until the subject is deceased, and SCP-1012-JP-A will disappear upon the death.

When the subject and/or SCP-1012-JP-A exits the premise of SCP-1012-JP, the subject/entity temporarily disappears, and then reappears after an irregular interval, as if they are walking from the outwards of the perimeter. In such cases, the subject/entity may possess additional non-anomalous items, or may be dressed in a different manner.

Addendum: The following is the long term experiment log for SCP-1012-JP.

Long-term Experiment 1012

Objective: To investigate whether further anomalous effects exhibit in the case of long term continuation of SCP-1012-JP-A.

Description: Have a D-class personnel (referred to as D-1012 for simplicity) enter SCP-1012-JP, inducing its anomalous effects. The interior of SCP-1012-JP will be monitored via hidden cameras set up beforehand. Testing will continue until D-1012 or SCP-1012-JP-A notices the presence of the cameras, or at the point that D-1012 expires from natural causes within SCP-1012-JP.

The following are excerpts from video recordings retrieved through testing.

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