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Item #: SCP-1020-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1020-JP is to be stored in an anomalous object containment locker at Site-756, where it is to remain stationary on a weighing device inside. When an increase in weight is observed, SCP-1020-JP is to be rotated inside the locker to remove any solid material that emerges. The canine entities appeared through the experiments are to be processed in accordance with the Non-Anomalous Material Handling Regulations and the Biological Organism Disposal Regulations, and then disposed of through incineration.

Description: SCP-1020-JP is a blue feeding bowl for pets. It is thirty-five centimeters in diameter, made of plastic, and has the words "Always by your side" written on its side in yellow acrylic paint.

Approximately every eight hours, SCP-1020-JP produces a twenty-gram worth of boiled chicken head, raw meat, or solid substance with a size of approximately one centimeter inside; this solid substance contains meat from multiple animal species, wheat, corn and fishmeal, similar in composition to common dog food. In addition, when SCP-1020-JP contains the aforementioned material inside, entities resembling domesticated dogs (Canis lupus familiaris) manifest themselves within an approximate radius of three meters centered on it at random intervals. The frequency of manifestations is not constant, ranging from one to twenty entities per hour. These entities behave in the same manner as normal dogs and are equally vulnerable to injury. All canine entities are identical in appearance and genetics, and their breed characteristics match those of the Pomeranian.

When the canine entities contact the inside of SCP-1020-JP in an attempt to consume food, they are pulled into its bottom surface by an invisible force and disappear. Observations using visual inspection and pressure gauges show that the canine entities are crushed by an external strong pressure1. This phenomenon can also be observed not only for canine entities; a mouse smaller than the diameter of the SCP-1020-JP, as well as a cat of the same height as the canine entity, was also pulled into the bottom surface and disappeared during the experiments. Animals that are difficult to pass through, such as a normal large dog (fifty centimeters in height, mongrel) and a goat, either disappeared over a long period of time or were not completely pulled in, leaving body parts behind.

SCP-1020-JP was discovered in a residence in ████████, Arizona, United States of America in October 2015. A human body was present in the residence at the time of discovery2; this body has been identified as Nathan ████████, who lived in the residence where SCP-1020-JP was recovered, through the identification card on his person and DNA analysis.


An image found from Nathan's digital camera3.
The subject bears a strong resemblance to the canine entity manifested by SCP-1020-JP.

Addendum: A non-anomalous iron mallet, kitchen knife, scissors, bucket, iron fence, and portable burner were recovered from several cardboard boxes in a storage shed on Nathan's property. At the time of the discovery, all but one of the boxes were unopened, and none of the items in the opened box showed any signs of having been moved from their original positions. This suggests that Nathan did not use any items other than SCP-1020-JP.

All tools, including SCP-1020-JP, had trace amounts of blood or hair on them, all of which were genetically determined to be that of a canine.

Appendix: Further investigation has uncovered e-mails on Nathan's personal computer supposedly relating to the origin of SCP-1020-JP and how it was obtained, a transcript of which can be found below. The sender of these e-mails, Tim █████, was documented to have died of acute heart failure in December 2015.

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