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Item #: SCP-1026-RU

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures : SCP-1026 is to be contained within the Euclid-Class Containment Sector at Site 7, in a C-1-type containment cell, combined with a so-called "recharging" area, and an accompanying observation room, separated by one-sided armoured glass. SCP-1026 is prohibited from moving within Site 7 except in special circumstances, and is to always wear a radio beacon around its neck to keep track of its current location. In no case should it be allowed to make visual contact with humans. Subject is to be left in an adjoining room with high-intensity spotlights placed at the corners for █ hours once every █ days.

Description: SCP-1026 appears as a black humanoid figure with no distinguishable age or gender. SCP-1026's height is measured at 191 cm, weight ranges from 30 to 70 kg. Facial features are extremely hypertrophied: its eyes are red and oval shaped, whilst emitting a slight glow. SCP-1026's mouth is a wide white smile that shifts size whilst talking. SCP-1026 does not have a distinguishable nose, nor distinguishable ears and hair. SCP-1026 is able to change its shape in a limited way depending on the mood, situation or need. The majority of its body can be subject to such transformations.

Whilst SCP-1026 is not incorporeal, it is capable of absorbing visible light rays through the surface of its body and moving through minor obstacles such as tables, chairs, cabinets, etc. However, the subject is unable to pass through walls, doors, or other structures taller than human height, as SCP-1026 suffers from the inability to see its surroundings. The theory was confirmed during testing, with SCP-1026 passing through glass and transparent plastic with only minor difficulty. In addition, the SCP is not invulnerable, as it reacts to harm and claims to feel pain.

SCP-1026's voice does not explicitly identify its gender, and is described as caustic, rude, and unpleasant by test subjects. The cause of this is, as of yet, unknown.

The SCP does not appear to require food or rest. SCP-1026 obtains the necessary energy from sunlight and/or artificial light. Should the radiation intake by the SCP exceed ████ watts, the SCP changes its traits to [REDACTED] and ignores any attempts at contact.

SCP-1026 is sentient, capable of responding normally to external stimuli when calm, and able to carry on a conversation if the interviewer is out of SCP-1026's direct line of sight. Based on interview results, the subject has a high rate of conversational awareness, and is able to support a discussion on almost any topic that is not related to emotions.

Upon visual contact with a human (hereinafter referred to as the victim), the subject falls into a state of aggression, in which he seeks to offend, injure or otherwise cause significant harm to the victim. SCP-1026's appearance also changes, with its fingers growing up to 2.5 times longer, becoming extremely sharp at the ends. In addition, its eyes emit a strong glow that can blind the victim for several seconds. Its mouth then warps into a distorted smile with a row of pointed teeth, similar in appearance to the teeth of a tiger shark (Galeocerdo cuvier). Subject will quietly shout curses for ██ seconds before attacking and injuring the victim, most often by attempting to injure the eyes, spine, and [REDACTED]. So far, no deaths have been recorded from contact with the subject, however, all victims describe the harm caused to them as being [DATA EXPUNGED].

As of yet, there is only one method known to restore SCP-1026 to its previous state. When shocked with a current of approximately █ amperes, the subject assumes a fetal position and does not respond to external stimuli for 36 hours.

To date, subject has made no attempt to escape from Site 7, but claims to be homesick for the city of ██████, within the Russian Federation, where he was discovered after several media announcements of a malevolent entity causing panic among the local population.

Addendum 1:

List of reported SCP-1026 transformations:

  • Increased subject's size by 20% of original proportions in width and slightly in height. The reason is the mention of junior researcher ███████ about having lunch in the presence of SCP-1026.
  • Serious increase in mass - as a result, the figure of the subject was outwardly similar to the figure of a person suffering from Class 4 obesity. Dr. █████ later admitted to mentioning to SCP-1026 that a relative's birthday party was coming.
  • Doubled number of fingers, changed to yellow eyes. The transformation manifested itself after a phrase about wages that was carelessly dropped during an interview.
  • Expanded by 40% of the chest and slightly increased smile. Subject changed after accidentally learning about the results of the last experiment.
  • Inverted 180° smile, hunched body position. The reason is still unknown.
  • Increased by 25% of the original size of the smile. The transformation manifested when SCP-1026 was told of the unstable state of a D-class personnel whose collarbone had been broken by the subject.
  • Lengthened by two and a half (2.5) meters of the hand. Subject attempted to harm Dr. Andersen, who was out of his immediate reach.
  • Identical to previous transformation, but different reason: SCP-1026 attempted to steal Junior Researcher's wedding ring. ███████ shortly after he brought up the subject of wealth during an interview.
  • Decreased by 50% growth. The reason is unknown.
  • Neck lengthened by seventy-six (76) meters. Subject attempted to bite Dr. Andersen, who was behind bulletproof glass, by entering an adjacent room through the ventilation system.
  • Increased to nine (9) number of fingers. SCP-1026 attempted to brute-force the door code to his cell to enter Site-7 without permission, claiming to recharge.
  • Completely changed anatomical structure. The number of legs increased by six (6), the number of arms - by seven (7), one eye disappeared, and the second increased in size, occupying the entire surface of the forehead. The head has shifted to the middle of the body. A later investigation revealed the reason to be [DATA EXPUNGED].

Addendum 2:

Interview Log SCP-1026-3:

Interviewer: Dr. Andersen
Interviewee: SCP-1026
Interview was conducted through a Type-4 armoured wall with sound holes covered by steel bars to avoid the SCP making eye contact with the interviewer.

[Start Recording]

Interviewer: Good afternoon, 1026.

SCP-1026: Hello girl. [Mocking laughter is heard] I told you, call me by my first name, or is your head full of holes like a sieve?

Interviewer: No, I remember everything, but I will call you according to protocol.

SCP-1026: [Looking annoyed] According to protocol, according to protocol… Are you not listening to me at all? This is what I fucking want!

Interviewer: Please tell me how long have you been in this state?

SCP-1026: [EXPLETIVE REDACTED], we're not done with the name yet, hey!

Interviewer: Please answer the question.

SCP-1026: I won't say a word until I hear my name! And you will be reprimanded for not doing your job!

Interviewer: Okay, okay, D████████. Are you ready to answer?

SCP-1026: Now, yes.

Interviewer: That's great. So have you always been… like this?

SCP-1026: No, not always. I was actually [DATA EXPUNGED] before the incident, that's it.

Interviewer: Tell us about "the incident", please.

SCP-1026: Oh shit, no one has asked yet, you're the first one. OK. It was 17██, I was still digging around in the basements of ████████████, shugal rats. Then, you know, everything was a little more complicated, there were no innovations, such as cars and these internets of yours. But people are more superstitious, it was to my advantage. He went from house to house and scared the girls. You know, I have never met such a girl who would not faint from the noise behind the wall or knocking too much. Now, of course, the nerves of the female sex are stronger. It was on one of those outings that I met the [REDACTED], all that proud, pompous, [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] golden girl, if you know what I mean. Well, it's a sin not to make fun of such a thing. I go into her house, and there - [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] - all kinds of signs, [DATA EXPUNGED] and generally creepy. I was about to leave, but [DATA EXPUNGED]. And I just woke up like this.

Interviewer: Why are you so negative about people? Just because of [REDACTED]?

SCP-1026: Noooo, if it was because of her, I would only go after girls. I'll tell you a secret, I hated people from birth, I'm ready to [DATA EXPUNGED] and spit on a cooling corpse. And now there is such an opportunity, and what else.

Interviewer: Why do you care about the city of ██████ so much?

SCP-1026: [Suddenly runs up to the dividing wall and starts punching it] This [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] is none of your business, got it?! I won't answer! Come out, damn it, I want to see you!

SCP-1026 becomes aggressive and refuses to answer further questions. The interview was then terminated.

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