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Item #: SCP-103-IT

Object Class: Safe Argus.Containment class applied to those objects which, by either necessity or commodity, are assigned to trusted third parties; the Foundation reserves all rights to supervise the containment of all Argus-class anomalies.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-103-IT must be contained in Site Cerere within a hermetically sealed terrarium habitat equipped with a drinking through and a feeding pot, both with implants that allow to hermetically seal them. Whenever behavioral studies on SCP-103-IT would show impatience towards the artificial habitat, it must be expanded within reasonable limits. The habitat of SCP-103-IT is to be placed under a skylight window or any other kind of opening that allows the anomaly to be exposed to sunlight. The habitat must be equipped with meteorological and heating control systems.

Material used in the simulation of the habitat of SCP-103-IT must be compact without small parts (such as bolts or excessively thin grains of substances et al) and preferably indivisible.

Description: SCP-103-IT is a female instance of Testudo marginata.Sardinian Tortoise.. The age of SCP-103-IT is around 29 years.As of 18/09/2011., it has 23 cm in height, 42 cm in length and 11,8 kg in weight. Though SCP-103-IT has overall good health it suffers from an anomalous condition that leads its body to a constant accumulation of static electricity. This has been shown to be irremovable in all attempts. As such, whenever SCP-103-IT makes contact with dust and any other kind of microscopic matter it will be attached to her body, with a particular concentration on the upper carapace. When the accumulated matter is not quickly removed this condition causes strong annoyance and discomfort to SCP-103-IT in the long term.

Addendum SCP-103-IT-A — Acquisition

SCP-103-IT was recovered on April 6th, 2008 by the Corace river’s mouth, near Catanzaro Lido (CZ), by Brigadier of the Finance Guard and informant of the SIR-I Maccabea Einhell. The anomaly was located inside a small animal cage, good enough to contain a cat or another animal of similar size. There were three mixed-coloured post-its attached to the cage, which stated respectively name and species of the anomaly, delivery information of the would-be receiver and a short note, all written in magenta ink.

SCP-103-IT seems to be named “Mariagrazia”; she should have been delivered to the European office of the “Wilson’s Wildlife Solutions”, managed by Tim Wilson.As of November 2018: now Faeowynn Wilson. in Boring, Oregon, located near [DATA REMOVED], Arles, France; whoever abandoned the anomaly deemed fit to leave the short comment "i'm sorry it wasn't my intention i'm not yet a grown-up" with the third post-it.

At the moment of recovery, the carapace of SCP-103-IT was covered in a thick and compact layer of dust, probably accumulated due to a long negligence period.

Addendum SCP-103-IT-B — Brief History

06/04/2008: Obtainment of SCP-103-IT.

19/04/2008: Transfer of SCP-103-IT to Site Cerere.

13/05/2008: End of the cleaning process of SCP-103-IT by personnel of Site Cerere.

09/06/2008: Attempt at removing the abundance of static electricity. [Method used: Washing of SCP-103-IT with fresh tap water — Result: failure]

25/12/2008: Stipulation of the Boring Accord between the “Wilson’s Wildlife Solutions” (from here WWS), the English Branch of the SCP Foundation and the Unusual Incidents Unit of the FBI.

28/12/2008: Attempt at removing the abundance of static electricity. [Method used: Treatment involving antistatic spray for two days — Result: failure]

31/12/2008: Opening of a communication channel between the Arles site of the WWS e the French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German and Serbo-Croatian Branches of the SCP Foundation.

20/01/2009: Transfer of SCP-103-IT proposal to the Arles site of the WWS. [Moved forward by Head Dr. Giulia Rossetti – DENIED]

17/02/2009: First transfer of a European anomaly to the Arles site of WWS.

19/02/2009: Transfer of SCP-103-IT proposal to the Arles site of WWS. [Moved forward by a group of personnel from the Zoological-Botanical Division – DENIED]

27/02/2009: Expansion of SCP-103-IT's terrarium.

05/03/2009: Cleaning of SCP-103-IT.

10/03/2009: Attempt at removing the abundance of static electricity. [Method used: isolation in an electro-suppressor/anti-static machinery for 25 minutes — Result: failure]

19/03/2009: Cleaning of SCP-103-IT.

26/03/2009: Cleaning of SCP-103-IT.

28/03/2009: Implementation of a hermetically sealed system inside SCP-103-IT habitat.

15/04/2009: Hermetic sealed system is out of order.

18/04/2009: Cleaning of SCP-103-IT.

20/04/2009: Transfer of SCP-103-IT proposal to the Arles site of the WWS. [Moved forward by a group of personnel from the ZBD – APPROVED]

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