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The object before conservation.

Item #: SCP-104-UA

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The object is to be kept in long-term storage in the Armed Site UA-44, conserved hermetically via "sealing", "half-cover" or "cocoon" method, depending on the available technical capacities. A control inspection must be carried out monthly; technical control inspection — during technical maintenance, which must be carried out every two years. Reconservation and control run of the object must be carried out every six years, except for those years that coincide with scheduled maintenance, which is to be carried out every twelve years. To avoid confusion, the object and its conservation surface must have a high-visibility plate with its number affixed.

Description: The object constitutes a self-propelled artillery piece, based on the chassis of the wheeled amphibious armoured personnel carrier BTR-80. The object's hull is made of welded sheets of armour steel, the thickest of them — frontal sheets — reaching 10 mm. The frontal section of the vehicle contains the control compartment with the driver-engineer's workstation and the marching seat of the commander-gunner to the right. The rear section contains the motor-transmission system with a power unit based on the KamAZ-7403 engine. The interior of the middle section and the turret have been altered to accommodate the workstation of the commander-gunner, as well as a carousel auto-loader for the main and, at the moment of discovery, only weapon of the object — a modified 120 mm rifled gun-howitzer-mortar 2A60.

The anomalous properties are focused in the auto-loader, with an unidentified heart-shaped silicate crystal1 serving as its central element. The anomaly selectively affects the structure of cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine, transforming it into a highly reactive substance that, upon contact with air, acquires a gaseous state. Once inside the body, the substance affects the hypothalamus and brain cells, dramatically increasing their secretion and reception of dopamine, vasopressin, and oxytocin. Affected individuals experience a sudden increase in sexual desire, accompanied by a surge of emotional sensitivity and a feeling of "love euphoria". Depending on the volume of the inhaled substance, affected individuals may either feel a powerful compulsion to emotional, physical and sexual intimacy, or completely lose control over their actions in order to satisfy the aforementioned desires; however, due to the increased emotional sensitivity, relevant actions are mainly limited to other affected persons.

Under normal conditions, the substance's effect subsides within forty minutes after the last contact, and ceases without any long-term consequences for the body. Prolonged exposure and associated humoral dysregulation can lead to hyponatremia, headache, vomiting, convulsions, loss of balance and orientation, audiovisual hallucinations, and coma; its long-term effects can include, if not properly treated, prostatic hyperplasia, brain herniation, and death.

Circumstances of discovery: The object was discovered on 11 October 2014, abandoned near the village of Krasnyi Yar, Luhansk Oblast, in the forest on the left bank of the Siverskyi Donets River. Nineteen marks from 12.7 mm bullets could be observed on the left and front sides of the object; one of the bullets has penetrated the driver's hatch lid and entered the control compartment. A significant amount of dried Group III Rh-negative blood was found on the driver-engineer's seat and next to it; its traces led outside and dissapeared on the bank of the river. The object's anomalous properties were discovered during the repair and testing before inclusion into the Foundation's assets2.

To date, no information could be established regarding the creator or the crew of the object. An inscription, carved with a sharp implement on the vehicle's instrument panel, remains as the sole clue: "SASHA + ZHENIA = ♡".

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