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Item #: SCP-1044-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: In the relevant area of the ████ Park where SCP-1044-JP exists, a fence is installed under the presumption of subsidence and prevents the entry of civilian. All testing on SCP-1044-JP are currently suspended.

Description: SCP-1044-JP is a bench set up in the ████ Park located in ██████ County, Texas. It looks like it is made of oak trees, but the exact material is not obvious due to its abnormal fracture resistance. SCP-1044-JP seems to be fixed to the ground in some way, and the attempt to move the object is unsuccessful. In addition, a sentence of "The earth has its music for those who will listen"1 is carved to the backrest of the object.

When sitting on SCP-1044-JP at night2, the subject starts to concentrate on listening to surrounding environment sounds, and gradually becomes impossible to recognize/store external information other than environmental sounds. This state is cancelled when the subject rise from the object. In addition, an abnormality will occur step by step for each elapsed time sitting on the object. Below is the table.

Phase/Elapsed time Condition of the subject Summary of testimony by subject
Phase 1/<15 minutes None. It is possible to stand up from SCP-1044-JP with one's own will. Environmental sounds such as murmur of trees and sound of insects were felt beautiful and dolce like music.
Phase 2/15 to <30 minutes One will concentrate entirely on listening to ambient environmental sounds and will not rise up from SCP-1044-JP unless forcibly moved from the outside. Feeling light-hearted as if being in a dream, or a nostalgic feeling, and at the same time feeling that the flow of time was getting slower.
Phase 3/30 to <45 minutes The breathing gradually becomes deeper, and the body loses strength. A sense was felt that one's body melted into surrounding environmental sounds. Also, one does not give any doubts about accepting that. From this phase one will start hearing a song like music in an unknown language but will feel very comfortable without feeling strangeness.
Final phase/ ≥45 minutes The body gradually becomes transparent and eventually disappears. Physical contact cannot be made to subjects entering this phase. Attempts to identify the subject's location after disappearance have failed. N/A

Addendum: SCP-1044-JP was discovered by Foundation Agent, who was conducting surveys on █ missing incidents occurrued in ████ Park. In the area, trees with a facial expression described as peaceful were found as the same number of missing persons, and since the increasement was seen as the number of subjects who entered the final phase in the test, testing on SCP-1044-JP is suspended. The study of trees that were judged to be human-faced trees is ongoing.

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