The following report has been heavily revised by Mrs. Tanaka. To check the revised sections, please see the uncorrected report.


Mrs. Tanaka before being instated

ID: 1045

In charge of: Class S Class E

An Ordinary Teacher: Mrs. Tanaka will be in her office at Building 8104 whenever she is not teaching. Please do not bring any essays within a 9 m 16 m 25 m radius (henceforth "the effective radius") of Mrs. Tanaka or any corrected essays. To prevent incidents of Mrs. Tanaka correcting extra documents, please resubmit all essays corrected by her as soon as possible.

Description: Mrs. Tanaka is a woman wearing a pair of black-rimmed 1.7 diopter glasses. When essays in Japanese or English are brought into her effective radius, corrections will instantly appear on the essay in red ink, and positive remarks will appear in blue ink. She will also correct documents within the effective radius of any documents she has already corrected. As the focus of her corrections lies in reflecting the state of reality, fictional and metaphorical content will of course be corrected to be more realistic or otherwise reflective of reality. However, she may also correct statements about herself to be more grandiose than the truth. If the corrected documents are not revised in line with her corrections within 32 16 8 hours, the document will be forcibly corrected, the effective radius will increase and the time limit will be shortened as a disciplinary measure. Deleting the corrections are not allowed; only physical destruction of affected documents will prevent the effects, but please don't do that.

Note 1: Mrs. Tanaka was in an apartment. At the time, all the documents in the room and some of the documents in the adjacent room had been forcibly corrected. Upon being reported, she was found and safely instated to her new position.

Note 2: One morning, at Building 8104, Mrs. Tanaka made a large volume of corrections, comprising over 1000 essays. 16 hours before the incident, she had marked this document, but the class representative left the document folded on the table. Due to this, the effective radius increased greatly. In the end, Mrs. Tanaka was forgiven, but reassigned to Class E, and the class representative left his post.

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