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Item #: SCP-105-IT

Object Class: Safe Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: Given its decease on 16/07/1971, SCP-105-IT is to be considered neutralized and does not thus need any Special Containment Procedures.

The remaining SCP-105-IT-A instances are contained in a Storage Containment for biological remains in Site Cerere.

Description: SCP-105-IT has been a male Vicugna pacos1 specimen that lived from an unknown date, presumably antecedent August 1775, to 1971. Despite apparently not differing in anything from a standard specimen, SCP-105-IT possessed a number of more or less evident anomalous characteristics, first and most obvious of which was its extreme longevity2. Other easily spottable peculiarity was the total absence of movement outside its face and anus: SCP-105-IT was indeed incapable of locomotion3 and its only movements were finalized towards feeding and producing SCP-105-IT-A.

SCP-105-IT-A is the collective designation given to calcareous formations, vaguely polyhedral in shape similar to the snub square antiprismSnub_square_antiprism.png,4 and made out of extremely friable chalk, that SCP-105-IT's organism produced instead of regular excrements. SCP-105-IT-A instances possess a potent hallucinogenic effect which manifests as a consequence of the destruction, intentional or accidental, of one or more of them.

Whoever destroys a unit of SCP-105-IT-A suffers an auditory hallucination consisting of a commentary, by an as-yet-unidentified individual designated SCP-105-IT-B, of an apparently random historical event which took place between 1773 and 1948. SCP-105-IT-B's tone of voice isn't consistent over time: in the first record compiled by the Order of Janus there was mention of a "speech pronounced sombrely, with an attitude very much conspiratorial" whilst, after tests carried out when SCP-105-IT was contained by the Foundation, provided testimonies included "a subdued yet huffy tone", some descriptions of screams and clamours or, in a single case, "incoherent noises interrupted by sobs and sighs." The hallucinations follows a scheme consisting of an incipit, or the enunciation of the date corresponding to the event which will be commented, the description of the event (more or less detailed) and a closing statement; the duration of the hallucinations is variable, with the shortest recorded one having a duration of "approximately a dozen seconds" and the longest one exceeding four hours.

Despite there not appearing to exist any criterion behind the choice of the historical event which will be described, the probability that it concern either Napoleon I Bonaparte or Victor Emmanuel II of Savoy is high when compared to the rest of the events of the almost two hundred years of history touched by SCP-105-IT-B's commentary: according to the history of tests carried out on the anomaly, the deeds of the aforementioned rulers are the topic of three auditory hallucinations out of ten.

Addendum 105-IT-A — Original Order of Janus documentation

Following are interesting extracts of the work "On the beast that perturbed the county of Grugliasco last Summer," commented. The work has been produced by Giovanni Maria Porrazzini, Pinerolese5 botanist, and Aiace Minghetti, Lodigiano6 chemist, affiliates of the Austrian Order of Janus from 1772 until the withdrawal of the organization from Piedmont in 1790; completed in 1775, of the two printed copies one had been submitted to the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, Joseph II, the other had beeen archived in the Viennese HQ of the of the Order. Of the archived copy, inherited by the modern-day Order of Janus, a digital version has been donated to the Foundation.

According to the Order of Janus's documents, Joseph II refused to take SCP-105-IT with him due to such a thing being "inappropriate for a man in his position". The Austrian Order was anyhow encouraged to persevere in the study of SCP-105-IT in order to benefit for itself from the anomaly's capabilities, and to indulge in research less strictly tied to the political sphere.

Addendum 105-IT-B — Instances of hallucination caused by SCP-105-IT-A

Following are the transcriptions of a certain number of hallucinations which followed the destruction of an instance of SCP-105-IT-A, alongside date and the context for the hallucination's manifestation, its content and eventual note. Be it noted that the immediate transcription didn't come into use before 1946. Hallucinations which manifested in the 1948 - 19717 period will not be taken into consideration.

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