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SCP-1054 before extraction.

Item #: SCP-1054-RU

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1054 is to be kept at the center of a reinforced hangar in Sector █, designed in such way that during a containment breach or other unforeseen situations the hangar can be hermetically sealed. The hangar should be equipped with special ventilation system to relocate any exhaust gas produced by the object. The hangar walls should be padded with lead plates of at least 1 cm thickness.

SCP-1054 should be solid mounted on a suitable braced platform to prevent falling of SCP-1054 during its activation and kept under twenty-four-hour video surveillance with infrared vision cameras. The platform should be placed strictly perpendicular to the hangar's entrance. The hangar should be furthermore equipped with temperature sensors, manometers and radiation sensors. Placing SCP-1054 under sea-level or on an altitude superior to 50 meters is prohibited, as this leads to activation of object with the simultaneous mass spawning of all species of SCP-1054-1 to -4.

Aside from experiment purposes, the ignition of SCP-1054 shouldn't be performed under any circumstances. Presence of personnel during times other than experiments is restricted regardless of security clearance level. Additinally, it is forbidden to approach SCP-1054 when active to a closer distance than 10 meter from the front; additional barriers have been placed in order to prevent any incidental approach.

In case of self-induced activation of object and spawning SCP-1054-1 to -4, the hangar should be immediately tight-sealed and Sector █'s personnel should be evacuated. After completing evacuation, MTF Epsilon-3 "Bird Spiders" should be dispatched to restore the containment procedures. For a successful suppression of SCP-1054-1 to -4, MTF Epsilon-3 should be equipped with thermal sights and radiation protective suits. In case of a failure in recontainment of SCP-1054, the Yat-990 Procedure is to be initiated.

Description: SCP-1054 is a PS-90A dual-flow turbojet airplane engine. Despite numerous incidents, the object is in good working conditions, with only a few minor defects (e.g. the chippings on fan's blades). All of the engine's vital systems are fully intact. Even a partial disassemble of the engine is extremely difficult, as the locking pins and safety wires are similar to [REDACTED] by their properties. SCP-1054 is able to spontaneously activate and work without any external influences and/or reasons. The scanning of internal part of the compressor, combustion chamber and turbine had no effect, and as of today it is unknown what's going on inside of SCP-1054 during its active phase. SCP-1054 functions don't need fuel, oil or other combustibles and lubricant materials.

The anomalous effect of SCP-1054 manifests as soon as the object becomes active and directly depends on the engine's work-mode. The effect concludes as soon as SCP-1054 reaches one of the work-modes described below; the creatures, marked as SCP-1054-1 to -4, start to appear from the intake system of the engine. Every subspecies of this creatures resembles in appearance the common hooded crows (Corvus cornix), but differs from one another by some external distinctions, abilities and behaviours, in addition to their level of aggressiveness to human and other living creatures.



  • SCP-1054-1 – This creatures keeps hold nearby the engine that spawned it and protects it from harm, as a nest of some kind. Usually, they attack the enemy all together as a flock, but only if said enemy is only one. In case multiple enemies are present, SCP-1054-1 will try to scatter them performing chaotic movements in the air while emitting a penetrative and unusual screech for crows, that negatively affect the nervous system and sensory organs of the victims. The birds' feathers have an opalescent undertone. SCP-1054-1 appears when SCP-1054 reaches a "low throttle" work-mode.
  • SCP-1054-2 – These creatures show an active desire to escape from the containment zone and, presumably, are the flock's scouts. Preventing the escape attempts of these creatures has shown to be greatly complicated by their partial invisibility; however, SCP-1054-2 can easily be seen in the infrared spectrum. SCP-1054-2 prefer to remain high in the air, while under the hangar the birds hide under the ceiling, and therefore present a rather difficult target. SCP-1054-2 prefer to attack enemies by swooping on them from the above and trying to peck out enemies' eyes or penetrate their necks. All birds of this species emit a huge amount of heat. The reasons of this effect are unknown, as the internal anatomy of SCP-1054-2 is identical to that of common hooded crows. The feathers have a dark-copper color. SCP-1054-2 entities appear during the "cruise" work-mode of SCP-1054.
  • SCP-1054-3 – SCP-1054-3 is apparently responsible for the growth of the flock's population. After spawning they will quickly scatter around, trying to find the most isolated places to lay their eggs. From this eggs, the other species of birds spawning from SCP-1054 will be born. The development of the creatures in them occurs at an accelerated pace, so they should be destroyed immediately. The feathers' colour is blue-black, which allows SCP-1054-3 to easily hide among common crows flocks and get lost from possible pursuers. For no discernable reason, there is always a high level of radiation around SCP-1054-3. SCP-1054-3 appears during the "full throttle" work-mode of SCP-1054.
  • SCP-1054-4 – Of all the bird species that SCP-1054 generates, this is the most dangerous. SCP-1054-4 have a dark gray with red streaks of colour feathers and skin. According to thier behaviour, SCP-1054-4 specimens are hunters or warriors of the flock. They intentionally search for humans and try to inflict them severe injuries with their beaks and claws, tearing pieces of flesh out of them, which they then carry into the engine. Individuals of SCP-1054-4 are distinguished by their special endurance; in particular, they are able to repeatedly withstand direct hits from a handgun and, despite the severity of their wounds, continue to attack the employees involved in the restoration of SCP-1054-4's detention. This kind of specimen will appear only during the "emergency" mode of SCP-1054, which is relatively rare due to the timely intervention of the MTF Epsilon-3 operatives, who prevent the engine from reaching this mode. The engine itself, despite the strongest loads experienced in this mode, does not suffer any damage.

It is to be noted that the rotating fan blades do not cause damage to SCP-1054-1 to -4, as they fly into the engine and leave it through the intake system.

Before the object enters the "low throttle" mode, it can be muffled and deactivated using [DATA EXPUNGED]. After that, it is necessary to clean the engine of [DATA EXPUNGED] as far as its design features permit. Attempts to muffle SCP-1054 in any other way only lead to an increase in the object's activity and in the aggressiveness of the birds, and is therefore prohibited.

Addendum 1054-1: SCP-1054 drew the Foundation's attention after the ██/██/████ crash of the Tu-204-100 aircraft, on-board number RA-█████, near ███████ ███, Russia. SCP-1054 was not damaged, while the aircraft and the second engine were destroyed almost completely. The object was retrieved by Foundation agents from the ██████████ aircraft repair plant after activation, which resulted in numerous casualties among the company's employees, and was delivered to Sector █. In addition, flight recorders and other investigation materials were seized. The public was presented with a version of the incident representing a terrorist attack, the plant was demolished, and amnestics were introduced to all witnesses and victims.

Addendum 1054-2: Several attempts have been made to establish automatic protection systems in the SCP-1054 containment area, but all failed. Because of the emitted heat by SCP-1054-2, all aiming system involving thermic tracking has been deemed useless; taking into account the abundance of targets that prevents the movement sensors to work properly, they have been discarded too. Additionally, the birds fairly accurately determined in the machine gun turrets the source of the threat and purposefully tried to disable them. Based on this, it was suggested that SCP-1054-1 to -4 possess a collective intelligence. The results of studies confirming or refuting this hypothesis have not yet been received.

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