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Item #: SCP-106-IT

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-106-IT was temporarily detained in a cell at Site Minerva, in order to ascertain its anomalous properties; following the carrying out of the required checks, it was transferred to Site Cerere, in a moist environment suitable for its needs.

Description: SCP-106-IT is a Pelophylax lessonae1 specimen. As far as its biology and behavior are concerned, SCP-106-IT shows no discernible difference from the standard parameters of its species; however, any individual interacting with the entity through any sense and any medium will perceive it as a preteen caucasian female. The perceived appearace of SCP-106-IT is roughly 47 cm tall, and possesses short black hair and green eyes.

SCP-106-IT weighs 0.5 kg when measured with a scale and only eats what its species typically feeds on; moreover, it tends not to step into spaces inaccessible for its perceived appearance, although its true form would allow it to. It is seemingly impossible for the entity to speak: it is unknown whether it is physically unable to speak, or if it willingly chooses not to.

Discovery: The Foundation became aware of SCP-106-IT on 26/07/1978, when rumors of a "toad girl" began to spread near Pattada, in the province of Nuoro. An agent of SIR-I working undercover in a local newspaper confirmed the rumors of the supposed anomaly.

Once the recovery was allowed, the rumors were suppressed and the family hosting SCP-106-IT was told that the entity would be hospitalized in a psychiatric facility.

Addendum 106-1: Interview

The following is the interview with Eleonora Garru, who claimed to be the mother of SCP-106-IT. The interview took place on the same day that the anomaly was identified.

Interviewer: Agt. Buscati

Interviewee: Eleonora Garru

Auxiliary Personnel: N/A

Foreword: Mrs. Garru was given a brief elucidation on the true nature of SCP-106-IT before the interview.


Agt. Buscati: Ah, now it's recording. I apologize again, my boss prefers to have an audio log whenever possible.

Mrs. Garru: No, no, I understand.

Agt. Buscati: The Safe Children Program doesn't compromise on these things, so I appreciate your collaboration. That said, how long has Martina2 been acting like that? How was she before?

Mrs. Garru: I think it's been three weeks by now. All she does is stay in her bedroom, hop back and forth, or stare at nothing. She used to be a little girl like all the others: she did well in school, had many friends and never argued with anyone. The only noteworthy thing is her love for frogs: now she just won't stop pretending to be one!

Agt. Buscati: Did you notice any peculiar behavior? I mean, compared to how she's acting now.

Mrs. Garru: No, nothing strange, I guess. Actually, you've reminded me of something.

Agt. Buscati: Have I?

Mrs. Garru: She usually ignores me whenever I ask her something, both the nice way and the hard way, but she seems to be a little more cooperative when I prepare her bath.

Agt. Buscati: Do you think you know why?

Mrs. Garru: Well, I think so. To be honest, I can only think of two things. First of all, frogs like staying in the water, and I suppose she just wants to bathe a little: she wants to be a frog, so she acts like one. The other thing is that Martina loves water. There's a creek, a quite small one, flowing out of the Lerno3 - she'd always go there to play, as soon as she had the chance.

Agt. Buscati: Interesting. I just have one last question to ask you: when was the first time you saw Martina act like that?

Mrs. Garru: As I told you before, two months ago. It was evening, Martina was supposed to be back with her friends half an hour ago, but everyone said she didn't want to come back. I was ready to let her leave for a whole week, when I went looking for her; I saw her sitting near the creek, motionless. I yelled at her, told her to move it because it was late, but she wouldn't listen to me. I had to lift her up, or she never would've moved.

Agt. Buscati: I see. Anythig else? Was there anything you noticed at the creek?

Mrs. Garru: I think not, I only remember how annoying the animals were. The bugs were insufferable, not to mention a frog!

Agt. Buscati: A frog?

Mrs. Garru: Yes, a frog. It was small, but very loud, it wouldn't stop croaking. It followed us for a full quarter an hour. I had to squash it for it to stop, and it was even pretty tough! It stopped croaking only when it stopped moving.


Mrs. Garru: Mister Buscati? Is everything all right?

Agt. Buscati: [startled] Ah! Sorry, I hadn't noticed how late it was. Anyway, that's fine, I have enough information for now.

Mrs. Garru: Leaving so soon? Why are you in such a hurry?

Agt. Buscati: I'm sorry, but my schedule is very strict. Have a nice day!

[Agent Buscati leaves the Garrus' house, shutting the door and walking away]

Agt. Buscati: [softly] Jesus.


Afterword: A few hours later, Agt. Buscati returned to Site Minerva with the partly decayed carcass of a frog consistent with the species SCP-106-IT belongs to. Following the application of memetic effect cancellation measures, the remains turned out to be the corpse of 11-year-old Martina Garru.

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