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Item #: SCP-106-TH

Object Class: Neutralized/Keter

Special Containment Procedures: No procedures at this time. SCP-106-TH has not reappeared since 1944. All recordings, drawings, and photographs of SCP-106-TH are to be preserved at Site-29a until SCP-106-TH is discovered again.

Description: According to records, SCP-106-TH is a large amphibious creature resembling a scaly frog or toad. It is multicolored, mostly red and orange, approximately 200 meters tall, has sharp teeth and an extendable tongue. A large blister is also reported along with wreckage stuck all over its body. Large amounts of coral have grown on the head and around its eyes.

History Report: Cave paintings matching the description of SCP-106-TH have been found on the wall of ████ Cave, which is located near a village on Samar Island, Philippines. Dating of the paintings estimates that SCP-106-TH has been alive for approximately 20,000 years. The wall paintings feature people, presumably from an unidentified tribe, appearing to perform a ritual sacrifice to SCP-106-TH.

The village in which the cave paintings were discovered has legends regarding SCP-106-TH, and most of the residents descend from the tribes that had settled on the island long ago. It is reported that the original settlers were later invaded and occupied by neighboring tribes. Before being invaded, the tribal leaders performed a ritual, which is presumably depicted in the cave paintings. Soon the invading tribes in the area began to mysteriously disappear, causing those remaining to eventually leave the island.

Many years later the Philippines would become a Spanish colony. Logs from Spanish vessels report them being attacked by an unknown sea creature matching the description of SCP-106-TH. Some claimed to have killed it but the body would disappear without a trace. The locals refer to SCP-106-TH as the "Palaka Dagat", which translates to "sea frog". The village claims that it is an ocean guardian, and that to avoid its wrath travelers must pray to it for forgiveness first.

Sightings of SCP-106-TH were documented until the year 1944 during World War 2. The Japanese and American Navy have reported multiple encounters. The most notable incident came from the testimony of General ██████ (see addendum). He reported that the creature jumped out of the sea and attacked a Japanese warship. General ██████ was able to photograph it, providing a clear image. Following the incident, the Foundation began to investigate and strategize a means to contain SCP-106-TH, but the latter has not reappeared since then.

Addendum-1: Excerpt from the testimony of General ██████

"It looked like a giant toad. So amazing! How lucky we were that it did not come for us. That thing jumped out of the water and clung to the edge of the ship until it tilted and sank. I used my binoculars to observe it until it jumped off the boat. During this time it did not react to any cannon fire. It was strange. I also do not know if the monster ate any of the surviving crew. We did not see it resurface for anyone to be swallowed whole by it. The crew kept swimming and shouting back and forth while drifting away with the current as we attempted to rescue them. We never saw it again.”

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