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SCP-109-PT-J's main screen, photo taken by SCP-105.

Item #: SCP-109-PT-J

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: OThe Web Crawler B04F87 has been configured to track the address of SCP-109-PT-J. Attempts to access SCP-109-PT-J resulted in faults, perhaps SCP-191 can solve this, but SCP-191 is reluctant when tries to access SCP-109-PT-J with the research company. All anomalies classified as sapient, refused to cooperate with the staff of the Foundation. According to the history of some Foundation computers, SCP-109-PT-J can only be accessed by anomalies and not by humans. Attempts to use remote artificial intelligence also resulted in failures

Description: SCP-109-PT-J is an address for an unknown site that is currently inaccessible. Many anomalies classified as sapient, say that SCP-109-PT-J is an "ultra-secret" database, which has the function of cataloging each non-anomalous entity found. Various articles about workers, drug users and disabled people were available for access in this site, including articles about the Foundation staff.

The members of the site identify themselves as "researchers", all had the function of describing, creating fanarts and discussing information related to each non-anomalous human. Site members have shown themselves to be the anomalies found and cataloged by the Foundation itself. All with random names, difficult to read and identified. Like the Foundation's regular database, there are members, moderators, and administrators. Membership listing includes:

  • SCP-007 - biggerthanbuddha'sbelly007 - Role: Member
  • SCP-999 - LIFEISACANDY - Role: Member
  • SCP-1157 - I AM THE ONLY ONE!!!11 - Role: Moderator
  • SCP-1995-JP - themostpowerfulanduniquechildrenNumber7rules!!! - Role: Moderator
  • SCP-040-JP - nekonekoneko - Role: Member
  • SCP-10101-J - chucknorrisjunior - Role: Administrator
  • SCP-1903 - Ilovecarrotcake - Role: Administrator
  • SCP-2999 - sarah2999 - Role: Moderator
  • SCP-1471 - MalO - Role: Stalker Member
  • SCP-049 - cureforanyproblem - Role: Member
  • SCP-179 - i am a dried meat, get it? - Role: Administrator
  • SCP-952 - JackofHearts<3 - Role: Member
  • SCP-004-J - nofighting!!! - Role: Member
  • SCP-2662 - dnotcomewithafriendrequest - Role: Administrator
  • SCP-3199 - kfcsucks!!! - Role: Member
  • SCP-1370 - morestrongthanyou - Role: Member
  • SCP-001 - writeroftheyear - Role: Master Administrator
  • SCP-3090 - Heatherjustkickedyourfatass - Role: Administrator
  • SCP-105 - aphotographerphotographingthingsdaaar - Role: Moderator
  • SCP-134 - bigbangonmyeyes - Role: Member
  • SCP-682 - imortalpowerfulsexygecko - Role: Banned Member Banned Again Member
  • SCP-2317 - devourerofthebadarticles - Role: Administrator
  • SCP-2006 - pretend there's a very scary name here - Role: Member
  • SCP-015-PT - sdaslkdjlkdfgvvdfbhssorryicantseethekeyboard - Role: Member
  • SCP-006-FR - freshmeat!!! - Role: Moderator
  • SCP-140-FR - thereissomethinginthesky - Role: Moderator
  • SCP-ES-075 - youdnotneedamedicyouneedmyhelp - Role: Moderator
  • SCP-590 - Iknowlifeisnoteasy - Role: Member
  • SCP-990 - thisworldgonnablow - Role: Administrator
  • SCP-068-KO - stopthedamncarplease - Role: Member
  • SCP-121-PT - Fat Factory, Presented by ████████ Stronda - Role: Administrator
  • SCP-017-PT - angrydog - Role: Member
  • SCP-890 - operatingmachines - Role: Member
  • SCP-035 - zegraca35 - Role: Member

The full number of members of SCP-109-PT-J has not yet been determined, but it is possible that most anomalies classified as sapient are involved in this. Attempts to monitor anomalies while writing resulted in wasted time. A special remote application has been configured on all Foundation computers. The application has the function of registering any activity performed by each member of the site.

Each article is described in a similar way as the Foundation. The "non-anomalous events" involve texts related to historical events, the worst actions taken by men and others. A ratings are also available in the corner of the article. According to the SCP-013-PT, page fonts are also impossible to change or access by humans.

Addendum 109-001: Listing of Recent Activities.


Item #: HMN-1179

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: HMN-1179 daily remains active at 03:52 p.m., your goal is to work towards earning a minimum salary. With the money earned, HMN-1179 will save to pay the bill and buy "food" to support his family. After the end of its goal, HMN-1179 will sleep for 2 minutes and thus continue the cycle.

Description: HMN-1179 is a Brazilian man, 32 years old. The individual often wears a worker's clothing over his pajamas. HMN-1179 can sweat at 13 liters for every 3 minutes, but the individual does not show discomfort, he said is accustomed. HMN-1179 has spatio-temporal change ability, this can be observed when HMN-1179 is late for its work.

Autor: SCP-085 - eternaldepression
Notes: I'm just being realistic.
Date of Creation: 31/12/2017
Rating: + 32

Item #: MSQT-667

Object Class: Keter Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: I already killed… it's okay… he's dead… there's nothing left.

Description: MSQT-667 is a big… mosquito horde… it was zika virus… I have no idea what that was… I killed them all… I used SBP… it was hard to kill theses bitches… because… I'm blind…

MSQT-667 does not manifest itself in other locations, only in Brazil… I do not understand this… I had reclassified this as Keter… because of my wife stayed in bed for… 3 weeks… because of this shit… I bought a SBP device… now these damn ones are all extinct… I reclassified it as Neutralized.

Autor: SCP-015-PT - sdaslkdjlkdfgvvdfbhssorryicantseethekeyboard
Notes: Not even my grandmother's tea, healed that damn thing. I asked for a SCP-500-1, but they refused.
Date of Creation: 28/12/2017
Rating: + 28

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