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Item #: SCP-1092-RU

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As of now, we have only approximate plans of containing the threat that this object presents. Anyone can become an unfortunate victim: doctors, postmen, or clerks—they can all get addicted. Anyone who has ever used rhythm or rhyme, all who trusted a pen with a piece of their mind, even those who forgot of their fondness for poems—none of them are immune; hence are all our worries.

A continuous search for the possible traces is conducted in various digital spaces. Each suspicious verse prompts a rapid response: MTFs with amnestics and a bag for the corpse.

Description: Object ten-ninety-two is a powerful word that takes root in one’s mind and in one’s line of thought. Time and time and again it comes up in their lines, but it’s visible only to uninfluenced eyes.
Once exposed to the word, it will alter the pattern of expression in text: it gets broken and scattered, it’s distorted and filled with unneeded additions, its ideas now changed into rhyming renditions. Since that moment the victim, unaware of the change, will be writing in verse, their words rearranged, to embellish the object and conceal the threat. It cannot be Contained; we are left to Protect.

Every following verse is more powerful, moving; it’s inflaming the listeners, always improving, and it spreads like a virus, it touches the souls. It enchants, it transforms, it infects and it grows. This incredible gift is a curse wrapped as blessing; its effects are untouched by the best of amnestics. For this talent there is but one way to unteach: burn the author along with their passionate speech.

Addendum: Our agents and staff have to be highly cautious, as containment requires most radical options. But despite our efforts and strict protocols, the disease worms its way into our reports.

If a member of staff, stiff and callous inside, who does things by the book, never follows desires, cold and dry like a lawyer and a stranger to passion, in a word: a true member of our great Foundation… If they notice a page full of sensuous rhymes, but their heart remains still and their eyes remain dry, this event must be promptly reported above, so [REDACTED] and agents can remove the involved.

Document 1092-RU-1

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