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Item #: SCP-1098-RU

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Since SCP-1098 cannot be moved, its area (600 m2) must be fenced and the outer side of the fence must be patrolled. A patrol team shall consist of 4 (four) security guards in warm clothing with non-lethal weapons, shifting every 6 (six) hours. Anyone attempting to enter the house must be arrested and interrogated if necessary, use of class B amnesiacs is allowed. Any changes of the object should be reported immediately to Site-7, after which further instructions should be awaited.

Foundation staff are only allowed to enter SCP-1098 as part of research. At least Level 3 clearance and approval from two O5 Council members is required for research. All subjects must first pass a medical examination for mental illness.

Description: SCP-1098 is a small wooden two-story house in emergency condition. At the moment of initial containment of the house, it had been in the plans for demolition for several years, but the city administration was constantly postponing its dismantling. The reasons for this behavior are currently being investigated.

The windows and the front door of the SCP-1098 are locked. All people attempting to enter the house through the windows or somehow damage the house will be affected by the objects effects, they are strongly motivated to protect SCP-1098 and everything that is inside of the building. The effect disappears when the object is at least 50 meters away. The only way to enter SCP-1098 is by breaking the door lock (any attempt to physically damage the door leads to the activation of mentioned protective mechanism), the process of breaking in itself is quite easy and can be carried out using improvised means. Once someone has entered the house, the door closes, locks itself and cannot be opened within the next 1 hour. All attempts to break into the door before this period ends will result in the activation of protective mechanism. After one hour the door will be unlocked and it will be possible to enter the object again.

The interior of SCP-1098 is made in baroque style and is in dilapidated condition. As there is no electric light in the house and the windows are blocked, the only source of light (except brought from outside during the research) are burning candles, which are placed in some parts of the object and are regularly renewed and lighted. An attempt to extinguish and remove one of the study candles ended up failing (see Research Protocol 1098 for details). It should also be noted that patrolling personnel around SCP-1098 repeatedly reported about a strange glow that broke through cracks in sealed windows and walls.

Inside SCP-1098 slow steps can be heard all the time. According to the audio recorders, each time the steps are coming from a different parts of the house. Attempts to detect the nature of these sounds (including the use of special devices) have not produced any results, but it is suggested that they are produced by an entity designated SCP-1098-1 ("Master of Puppets"). At the moment it is not known exactly what this entity is, but it is believed that it is also responsible for the renewal of candles, various abnormal events that appear inside SCP-1098 (negative impact on the equipment, hallucinations based on internal fears of a person entering the house) and multiple murders of people entering the house. All the victims of SCP-1098-1 will stay in the house (it is not known for sure how SCP-1098-1 manages to keep its " puppets" in a relatively normal condition), their eyes will be removed and long thick threads will be sewn into their extremities. See below and in [[explore-log-1098 | Research Protocol 1098]] for details.

Discovery: The Foundation first became interested in the object when mass disappearances of teenagers aged from 12 to 17 started in the city [REDACTED]. After interviewing their acquaintances it was found out that they were all going to visit SCP-1098 (the reason why so many people suddenly have such a desire is related to the impact of the object). The local police station sent a team into the house to inspect it. The team did not return, after which the investigation was immediately intercepted by Foundation. The cover-up story of the "Totalitarian sect" was used, law enforcement officers and relatives of the missing were injected with class A amnesiacs.

It should be noted that from the moment the object was put in containment there were no people willing to visit the house. However, a repeat of what happened is not excluded and containment procedures are selected taking into account this circumstance.

Addendum 1098-1:

Further research SCP-1098 is suspended.

Request for new researches is granted, Dr. Kat has been appointed as research director. All data is recorded in Research protocol 1098.

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