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Item #: SCP-110-PT Level 3/110-PT
Object Class: Keter Confidential

Special Containment Procedures:: Only the original instance of SCP-110-PT is under Foundation custody at Site PT7. For budgetary and storage reasons, all discovered instances of SCP-110-PT should be immediately destroyed on its discovery. By the way of contagion of the anomaly, it is currently considered as uncontained.

Mobile Task Force PT7-β (“Ministry of Truth”) is assigned to investigate mentions and appearances of SCP-110-PT on physical medias and public speeches, in addition to suppress them and apply amnestics as appropriate. During the elections, members of MTF PT7-β should be in voting places under cover in order to minimise the contagion of SCP-110-PT.

Control and misinformation campaigns should be done for alteration of the general perception of SCP-110-PT as a phenomenon caused by political disagreements, as well as excerpts rewriting and audio editing that possess influence of SCP-110-PT in order to cease its anomalous effects.

Individuals directly affected by SCP-110-PT should be terminated (Under analysis of Ethic Committee of Site PT7 — See Addendum 110-PT-1). Individuals affected indirectly should be treated according with their symptoms.

Experiments utilising SCP-110-PT are currently suspended.

Description: SCP-110-PT is a heap of pages of paper dated at some point of the year of 1934. When observed by a human being, SCP-110-PT will always have a cover titled "Dossier", "Confidential", "Top Secret" or similar. The number of pages of SCP-110-PT randomly varies from observer to observer, being identified records of 10 to 274 pages.

Should it be seen by more than one observer at the same time, or by one individual with protection against cognitohazards, all pages will be blank.

SCP-110-PT affects its observer with a strong cognitohazard after the second page be read. The subject begins to read a supposed document regarding a group of political spectrum diametrically opposed to the reader, being its content unique to different observers.

The supposed text reports in fanciful and often contradictory details a violent seizure of power by the opposing political group. The affected subject will believe this information regardless of his previous knowledge about the subjects covered in the text.

The individual then will start to demonstrate signs of restlessness and distrust of the people around them, relying themself of the text read. This behaviour will intensify as the days go by, resulting in extreme paranoia and social isolation of the individual. After approximately one month of exposure, any interaction with the affected individual will be received with extreme hostility. Although the effects can be mitigated with amnestics, the symptoms of direct exposure to SCP-110-PT cannot be completely nullified to date.

Apart from the original text of SCP-110-PT, the anomalous cognitive effects can be transmitted to a lesser extent to other individuals which did not directly observed SCP-110-PT, by means of speech or transcription of the text to other physical media. Portions of SCP-110-PT written on digital media does not possess anomalous effects. Indirect exposure to SCP-110-PT can be nullified by means of amnestics or with constant exposure of divergent political spectrum people or speeches to the affected subject during a period of 10 to 15 days.

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