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Item #: SCP-1100-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1100-JP is to be stored on a laptop computer (PC-1100-JP) with Internet connection disabled and backed up to a separate CD (CD-1100-JP). Deletion, duplication, or modification of PC-1100-JP or the copy of SCP-1100-JP stored on CD-1100-JP is prohibited.

Access to https://███.██████.███/toppage and all pages on this site are to be blocked.

Class D personnel selected for experimentation on SCP-1100-JP shall be given amnestics upon completion of experimentation.

Description: SCP-1100-JP is the CAPTCHA module1 used on the page https://███.██████.███/jp/signup/account. When an incorrect response is provided to SCP-1100-JP, the subject's memories will be altered such that the subject perceives the response it provided as correct. The effects of SCP-1100-JP can be reversed using amnestics.



SCP-1100-JP was discovered due to a report that Researcher ████████ had suffered from some sort of behavioral anomaly. The following interview was conducted with Researcher ████████ following this.

__Voice Recording 1100-JP-01

Subject: Researcher ████████

Interviewer: Dr. ███████

<Begin Recording>

Dr. ███████: Why are you speaking so strangely?

Researcher ████████: Is it scrange? I did wery well in Japanese in school.

Dr. ███████: No, not your grammar. Here, read this.

[Dr. ███████ inputs "ABCDE" on his smartphone and shows it to Researcher ████████.]

Researcher ████████: A-B-G-D-E.

Dr. ███████: Ah, huh. Has anything happened to you lately? Something to do with the written word?

Researcher ████████: No, noc really… Though I did see a weird cweec earlier.

Dr. ███████: Can I see it?

Researcher ████████: Sure.

[Researcher ████████ retrieves his smartphone and shows the aforementioned tweet (Image 1100-JP-1)]

Researcher ████████: I choughc I'd cry ic, but ic was so hard I gouldn'c figure ic ouc..

Dr. ███████: That's something I'll need to report…

Researcher ████████: Oh, sorry… I choughc ic was jusc a meme…

<End Recording>

Researcher ████████ was returned to normal after amnestic treatment.

In addition to the tweet shown by Researcher ████████, █ other tweets were found that appeared to be similarly affected. These tweets were deleted and investigation of Twitter Japan's servers identified users who viewed the link. Visual amnestics were used to cover up the incident.

The linked URL was the signup page of "Ichimaru News". The address of the company's offices were not listed on the website, and the server IP was identified as originating from █-██ Sakurada-machi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, but no offices that could belong to "Ichimaru News" were found at that location.

The website of Ichimaru News is currently locked by the Foundation, and no other cases of SCP-1100-JP being used have been confirmed.

Experiment logs follow.

Experiment Log 1100-JP - Supervisor: Researcher ██████


CAPTCHA displayed by SCP-1100-JP

Experiment 1100-JP-1

Subject: D-1100-JP-1

Text input: dVmQPr

Result: No change observed.


CAPTCHA displayed by SCP-1100-JP

Experiment 1100-JP-2

Subject: D-1100-JP-1

Text input: AAAAAA

Result: When the subject was asked to read out or write "koQcMB", the subject instead produced "AAAAAA". All other letters remained unaffected.


██th CAPTCHA displayed by SCP-1100-JP

Experiment 1100-JP-3

Subject: D-1100-JP-1

Details: D-1100-JP-1 repeated Experiment 1100-JP-2 100 times.

Result: D-1100-JP-1 produced the following when asked to write out the alphabet.


The English alphabet written by D-1100-JP-1

Interview Log 1100-JP-3

<Begin Recording>

Subject: D-1100-JP-1

Interviewer: Researcher ██████

Researcher ██████: What's today's date, D-1100-JP-1?

D-1100-JP-1: Aaa aaxaa aa Aaaa.

Researcher ██████: Hm, so it is. Can you copy the text on this piece of paper?

[Researcher ██████ hands a piece of paper with the number 10562 on it to D-1100-JP-1.]

D-1100-JP-1: Aaaa aaaa?

Researcher ██████: Huh? Yeah, that.

[D-1100-JP-1 writes the digits "10562" on the paper.]

Researcher ██████: Now read out the text you've written.

D-1100-JP-1: Aaa aaaaaaaa aaaa aaaaaaa aaxaa aaa.

Researcher ██████: We'll end it here for today, then… You may leave.

D-1100-JP-1: Aaaaaaaaaa.

<End Recording>

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