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Item #: SCP-111-KO

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedure: SCP-111-KO is stored in a special storage room in Site-48. A computer that continuously calculates simple arithmetic operations is installed two metres outside the room. The computer is to be monitored by a security camera that is connected to the maintenance room 500m away. If minute errors in calculations are observed, Emergency Order Pascal is to be executed, widening the storage room. No activity involving document storage or mathematical cogitation is allowed near SCP-111-KO's storage room.

Description: SCP-111-KO is a cube measuring █×█×█ cm3. On its surface are constantly morphing math symbols that emit a bluish light.

SCP-111-KO affects people within a certain vicinity. Affected people (referred to as SCP-111-KO-1) appears unchanged, but anomalous properties manifest when they do any activity involving mathematical cogitation. SCP-111-KO-1 will make minor errors during calculation, resulting in wrong answers. In the process, they will be under constant stress trying to find the correct answers. However, they cannot reach an accurate answer, even though the margin of error gradually decreases, which induces violent actions ranging from swearing to self-harm, vandalism, battery and [DATA EXPUNGED].

The effect affects not only humans but also any device with computational capability. Affected devices show symptoms ranging from minor miscalculations to major, irreversible errors. Mathematic symbols appear on the affected computers' CPUs and in brain MRI photos of SCP-111-KO-1. Based on these observations, SCP-111-KO's activation mechanism is suspected to be more complicated than simple telepathy via undetectable radio signals. There is currently no known method of erasing the symbols. However, if the affected device or person is removed from SCP-111-KO's influence for approximately three weeks, they recover near-normal computational capabilities. Attempts to track its power source have failed. Experiment results show that the instance is comprised of [DATA EXPUNGED]

SCP-111-KO's range of influence is steadily growing, and its speed directly correlates with the number of objects affected.

Addendum 111-KO-1: Notice to Site-48 staff, from Dr ███, Administrator of Site-48

I have heard the news of rumours spreading among site staff about SCP-111-KO's spontaneous influence range creep. However, SCP-111-KO widens its range of influence at a steady and slow pace unless there are objects inside it. At this rate, it'll take about 150 years for it to affect the entirety of Site-48. I expect nobody from our staff to live that long, so I advise all of you to stick to the protocols and never set foot near the special storage room. - Dr ███

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