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Image of SCP-111's entrance captured by High-temperature resistant equipment

Item# SCP-111-TH

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Currently, SCP-111-TH remains in its original location, and due to SCP-111-TH being a location, it cannot be moved. The area surrounding SCP-111-TH has been designated as Area-111-A and is contained by a 2-meter thick, 5-meter high concrete wall to prevent anything within the area from escaping. An MTF-███ team armed with heavy long-range weaponry is stationed on the edge of the wall to monitor and respond to anything emerging from SCP-111-TH 24 hours a day.

By order of O5, there must be no further research or access to SCP-111-TH under any circumstances. In the event that an SCP-111-TH-2 emerges from SCP-111-TH, it is authorized to be immediately terminated with heavy weaponry upon detection, without waiting for any further instructions

Description: SCP-111-TH is a door made of an unknown type of metal, approximately 4.5 meters high and 2.2 meters wide, with rust and bryophytas present on the door's surface. To open the door from this side, a large rusty key is required, which is always in possession of the door's guard (hereinafter referred to as SCP-111-TH-1). Upon opening the door, a large hole of unknown depth is found, emitting intense heat radiation at all times, similar to a volcanic crater. Screams of a large number of people can also be heard, mostly consisting of screams of pain, yelling, the laughter of a hysterical women, crushing noises, and something scattering and bouncing [DATA EXPUNGED]. Examination of the door's other side reveals temperatures exceeding 1000 degrees Celsius, the atmosphere consists of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, hydrocarbons, particles smaller than 10 microns, mercury, and a large amount of sulfur dioxide, with oxygen levels below standard. The terrain consists of numerous valleys and volcanoes.
Only two plant species were found during the investigation, neither of which corresponded to any known strains.1

Additionally, each time SCP-111-TH is opened, a large number of living creatures (hereinafter referred to as SCP-111-TH-2) pour out of the hole, as if they are trying to escape the scorching location.

SCP-111-TH-1 is an elderly man residing in the area of SCP-111-TH, before its discovery by the Foundation. It seems that SCP-111-TH-1 can survive without the need to eat, sleep, or even breathe,2 He has traces of injuries on his body, presumably from torture. His tongue and eyes have been removed, rendering him unable to speak and see. As a result, the Foundation is currently unable to determine the origin or source of SCP-111-TH. Additionally, SCP-111-TH-1 possesses a large key that is the only means to unlock SCP-111-TH. It is impossible to take the key away from SCP 111-TH-1, as it will disappear and reappear in his hand by an unknown method. However, SCP-111-TH-1 is willing to open the door for personnels if requested.

SCP-111-TH-2 is a group of humanoid creatures with no sexual organs, emaciated, and approximately 2 meters tall. They move by crawling out of the hole, and their bodies are covered in wounds, blood, and mud while constantly emitting high-pitched sounds. SCP-111-TH-2 hunts humans for food; when they encounter humans, they quickly swarm and tear the victim's limbs apart before fighting each other to consume the pieces, as if they have been starving for a long time. Although they can be easily killed by existing weapons, their numbers are overwhelming (latest record on ██/██/20██, continuous count of 12███). However, SCP-111-TH-2 seems to have limitations in their physical condition when exposed to Earth's environment, as they will die on their own after awhile. After examining the body of SCP-111-TH-2, it was found that there were no discernible differences from the body of SCP-111-TH-1, even in the slightest.

History: SCP-111-TH was first discovered through the report of a geological expedition led by Dr.███, after he and his team explored the mouth of the ███████████ volcano, which had erupted for the first time in several thousand years. This exploration led the team to discover SCP-111-TH, which had not previously existed, suddenly appearing in the middle of the volcano's crater. They found the door open and SCP-111-TH-2 flowing out of the holes and heading towards the city of █████, located at the base of the volcano. Subsequently, the Foundation dispatched armed forces to eliminate SCP-111-TH-2 and destroy the city of █████, where at that time no survivors remained. Special containment procedures have been ordered for SCP-111-TH to prevent a recurrence of the incident in the future.

Addendum: On ██/██/20██, the foundation was able to record the sounds of SCP-111-TH-2 emerging from SCP-111-TH using long-range audio recording equipment.

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