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Item#: 111-VN
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A secret entrance of "Research Site 02", discovered during exploration.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-111-VN-A is currently held in a standard biological anomaly containment chamber at Site-75-VN. Foundation’s personnel are to be equipped with Type III Telepathic Protection Device1 when approaching a radius of less than 30 m around it. Conversations that act as psychological therapy sessions for SCP-111-VN-A are to be carried out daily by a Foundation’s psychologist.

Attempt to obtain information about SCP-111-VN-B and contain this anomaly are of top priority. Security work concerning SCP-111-VN-A must be deliberately carried out so that any GOI or POI can actively obtain information about the anomaly, while still ensuring SCP-111-VN-A and all associated subjects can be recovered and suppressed in case of a containment breach.


A sketch of SCP-111-VN-A, provided by Dr. Nancy Phạm.

Description: SCP-111-VN-A is a humanoid entity approximately 70 cm in height, whose head is of an abnormally large size. Veins can be observed below the scalp of SCP-111-VN-A. Every limb of SCP-111-VN-A is severely degenerated and has shrunk significantly compared to its body proportion.

At the time of discovery, SCP-111-VN-A was kept suspended in a transparent cylindrical tank containing electrolytes, sugars, and other kinds of fluids with unverified composition. The head, torso, and abdomen of the entity are connected to various types of tubes and wires coming from the top of the tank.

SCP-111-VN-A is capable of mind-reading and telepathy on advanced intelligence lifeforms, especially humans, in a radius of approximately 20 m through an unknown mechanism. Many expanded parts of the subject’s nervous system showed signs of extensive modification, allowing for mechanical implantation with various types of connection ports. This is a form of advanced neural-mechanical connection, providing SCP-111-VN-A with the ability to directly interact with a computer network, or become a “living computer”.

SCP-111-VN-B is confirmed to exist, but its descriptions are unverified. At the time of documentation, it is still uncontained.


On 20██/10/22, during a survey at a construction site in the southwestern region of Vietnam, a local building contractor discovered an entrance to a secret underground facility. Speculating that the facility may contain remnants of covert military installations during wartime, the contractor reported the situation to local authorities.

A group of local archaeologists and historians were dispatched to the scene but were only able to excavate the area surrounding the facility, as its entrance was sealed. A small inscription reading "Research Site 02 - Project MKUber" (see Addendum 1) was found on the door.

Foundation field agents quickly discovered information about said facility. The area surrounding the entrance has been cordoned off, and all relevant witnesses were administered amnestics after the Foundation confirmed their testimony to reveal no additional valuable information.

Addendum 1


According to Foundation data at that time, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the US Occult Branch of the Department of Defense (PENTAGRAM) have conducted research on the application of paranormal and extraterrestrial technology, with main facilities established in Southern Vietnam.

The project’s details are unknown, but Foundation intelligence managed to identify its designation — “Project MKUber”. From there, the location of the aforementioned secret facility was quickly confirmed. Due to abandonment, most of the security systems are easily neutralized by field agents. The remaining documents in the facility have been analyzed, allowing the Foundation to form a relative timeline for Project MKUber.

1947: After the Roswell Incident, the US military retrieved a UFO and two cadavers suspected of being of extraterrestrial origin.

1948-1953: Due to internal conflict between US anomalous organizations at that time, coupled with interference from the GOC, the aforementioned cadavers and related objects were quickly scattered between factions. The PENTAGRAM came to possess two samples of the cadavers’ tissue.

1954-1959: Preliminary research showed both the microscopic anatomy and physiology of these two samples to be nearly identical with human neurons and lymph nodes, as well as to serve similar functions.

1960-1961: PENTAGRAM closed a deal with the CIA, allowing the former to experiment on the tissue samples for paranormal weaponry development. Both the research facility and test subjects were sourced in Southern Vietnam.

1962-1966: Project MKUber was initiated, with test subjects being war prisoners or civilians suspected of being communists. Due to transplant rejection and the invasive nature of alien cells when transplanting cloned tissue, most test subjects expired. All test subjects were designated as SCP-111-VN.

1967-1970: At this point, only two successful test subjects had passed the final step of the experiment, SCP-111-VN-A and SCP-111-VN-B. The project shifted to research these two subjects and devise a way to control and deploy them.

1970: Incident 1970/08 occured (Addendum 2), the project was dropped and the facility was abandoned.

The background and history of the testing process on SCP-111-VN-A and SCP-111-VN-B (codenames used in Project MKUber are Coeus and Hydra respectively), discovered through a series of notes scattered throughout the facility are summarized below.


The family of subject "Coeus".

Name: ███ ███ Phạm
Date of birth: 1948
Place of birth: District Zero (Saigon)
Profile: A District Zero citizen, a son of an independent journalist for a post-Veil community, who frequently wrote propaganda articles that called for the Nexus’s population to side with North Vietnam. The family was secretly captured in 1963, and the subject itself became an experiment for Project in 1966.


1966/09/03: The subject was arrested to demonstrate the US government’s attitude toward District Zero, which was obliged to remain neutral in the war. Since the subject was no longer beneficial, we proposed to transfer it to serve the MKUber Project.

1966/10/01: The subject was chosen to become the 132nd subject for the process of transplanting alien cells into the nervous system.

1966/10/08: No sign of transplant rejection. The subject was undergoing genetic changes. This is our first successful test subject. Request a budget increase for the project.

1966/11/05: Due to its nonviolent principles, the subject did not demonstrate undue resistance. Codename "Coeus"2 has been proposed and approved. A proposal to lower the subject's security alert level has been made.

1966/12/17: All possible clinical trials have been performed. We concluded that the subject had a total of two anomalous capabilities, including reading human minds within a radius of 20 meters and making specific connections with computer systems.

1967/02/14: The use of Coeus to extract intelligence from enemy prisoners of war was underway and has brought positive results. However, there are indications that the subject is deliberately concealing or distorting the information it read.

1967/02/27: Testing of controlling Coeus through computer programs was successful. By establishing neural-computer links and viewing the object as a piece of hardware, we can harness the flow of thoughts directly from the subject's brain.

1967/03/11: The alien neuron transplantation experiment was confirmed to be a complete success. Coeus will continue to be retained for research and to be used in intelligence. Unused laboratory specimens and relevant resources will be diverted for immune cell transplantation research.



SUBJECT: Project MKUber, Subprojects Coeus and Hydra


To Project MKUber’s Steering Committee, PENTAGRAM Command

After taking testimonies from all facility personnel, the details of the January 29 Event have been clarified. At approximately 07:15 on said day, due to an error by the Coordination Department, subjects Coeus and Hydra were inserted into two test chambers adjacent to each other during a routine test session. Coeus used its powers to communicate with Hydra for nearly 30 minutes.

As soon as the incident was detected, security personnel were dispatched to separate the two subjects over a safe distance, and data about the conversation was extracted from the computer system linked with Coeus. We are fully aware of the gravity of our misconduct and will accept all relevant responsibilities.

However, the information obtained from the above-mentioned conversation recording (file attached) provided an opportunity for the study and deployment of the Hydra subject. I hope the committee will consider the proposal attached to the record.

We truly apologize for this.

Head of Research Site 02 — Signed by Dr. Chinen



SUBJECT: Project MKUBer, Subprojects Coeus and Hydra


To Project MKUber’s Steering Committee, PENTAGRAM Command

After the Committee’s approval, controlled exposures between subjects Coeus and Hydra have been initiated. Overall, the results of the initial idea are very optimistic.

Coeus is too young to be resistant enough, plus its family is still in the CIA’s custody and the subject’s capabilities are unfit for combat, so we can be assured of the level of control over Coeus.

Hydra has decreased opposition, and although not as cooperative as Coeus, the subject has abandoned resisting or suicidal thoughts. We assumed from its psychiatric evaluation that exposure to another younger and more severely modified subject caused Hydra’s psyche to improve, and maintain the subject’s desire for survival.

Through extended exposure, the emotional bond between the subjects has strengthened significantly. The reason behind this is understandable, as both consider each other to be the only teammate and “comrades” in the facility. Personally, I viewed this relationship to be beneficial for our research.

Since Coeus is already under the Project’s control, we can take advantage of their bond to control Hydra. Furthermore, we can view Coeus as a hostage, using its mortality to impose self-control on Hydra and make it carefully consider his intentions of opposition.

In terms of practical application implementation, Coeus’s telepathic capabilities are working with great efficiency, allowing us to exploit almost 100% of the information possible from captured prisoners of war and spies. The neural-computer connection, in addition to helping us harness the flow of information that the subject reads directly, also creates research opportunities for the development of advanced information technology.

As for Hydra, due to the flexibility and mobility of the "eel" specimen, they act as a medium to extend the Hydra's senses and field of vision and are formidable predators with deadly bites. The subject’s training to use its capability for reconnaissance purposes in militarily insecure areas is still underway. Possibly due to the subject’s past being a former intelligence spy, Hydra's receptivity is formidable. However, I doubt that the subject should be deployed in the field because its capability still contains potential dangers.

Head of Research Site 02 — Signed by Dr. Chinen

Addendum 111-VN-2

INCIDENT 080/1970

Based on recovered data from the facility, it can be inferred that the paranormal research at “Research Site 02 - Project MKUber” continued in spite of the ongoing war, until an abrupt interruption on 1970/01/08. All entrances were locked from the outside, then the facility was on lockdown until being discovered by the Foundation. The following footage was extracted from functional cameras in the facility.


Date: 06:53 1970/01/08
Place: Research Site 02’s Executive Office


Dr. Chinen: What? Say it again.

[UNKNOWN]: We have the analysis result for Hydra’s tissue samples from Facility 01. The subject’s capabilities are more dangerous than we have anticipated. The size, speed, and operating range of those eel-like thingies are actually greater than our record.

Dr. Chinen: How can this be?

[UNKNOWN]: So what do we do now?

Dr. Chinen: The worst-case scenario is Hydra was holding back its capabilities to deceive us.

[UNKNOWN]: Then this can be serious. But why?

Dr. Chinen: Perhaps it’s planning to escape. Doesn’t matter why though, first we must incapacitate (Pause.) no. (Pause.) Terminate it at once. Where is it now?

[UNKNOWN]: According to the daily routine, it’s talking with Coeus at the test zone.

Dr. Chinen: Tell the research and security departments we’re going to terminate Hydra. Call the task force at Command too.

[UNKNOWN]: Yes, sir.


Addendum 3


In early interviews, SCP-111-VN showed symptoms similar to those in solitary confinement and extended sensory deprivation, which led to non-cooperative behaviors. A psychiatric therapy program including small daily conversations, starting from simple topics, has been proposed and approved.


Memorandum For The Record

SUBJECT: Containment of SCP-111-VN


SCP-111-VN-A's rehabilitation and psychological conditioning have been a great success. The subject has formed a certain trust in the Foundation and has a clear attitude of cooperation. The current state of affairs will make our containment and research more convenient and safe.

Currently, SCP-111-VN’s containment top priority is to capture the subject “Hydra”. Due to its dangerous properties and highly hostile attitude, it is likely that we must consider using brute force or even neutralization. In that case, SCP-111-VN-A is naturally the most important, and only key factor in luring SCP-111-VN-B to the Foundation’s grasp. […]

Signed by Dr. Nancy Phạm

After the 20██/08/19 Incident at Observation Post-07-VN, SCP-111-VN’s Security Level has been upgraded to reduce potential containment breach. Although the damage is unexpected, SCP-111-VN’s containment plan is proceeding in accordance with the Foundation's direction.

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