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Item #: SCP-1112-KO

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1112-KO is to be stored in Storage Site-231. It is stored in a cold storage area below 4°C and should be checked for contamination and deterioration every Monday.

SCP-1112-KO found in the public must be retrieved by MTF Pi-32 ("Anti-Doping Agency").

The use of SCP-1112-KO for experiments or chemical processing must be approved by the Storage Site-231 logistics manager thirty days prior. Usage on the human body is strictly prohibited.

Description: SCP-1112-KO is a nutritional supplement manufactured by Samdaecheon Healthcare labelled "Everyday bulking! Strong muscle hyperenzyme." The product is a light-brown granule packaged and distributed in a box of 30 stick-shaped sachets, each containing 50g of the substance.

SCP-1112-KO's composition is as follows:

Component Ratio(by weight)
Starch 38%
Amino acid mixture 35%
Pepsinogen 10%
Precursors of other proteases 7%
Amylase 5%
Ribosome 1%
UHF1 4%

The most notable component is UHF. Other components are digested in the stomach in a way similar to regular enzyme foods. However, UHF does not disintegrate during digestion but instead is absorbed through the ileum, causing an anomalous and irreversible change in enzymes throughout the body.

Subjects that took UHF show headaches, stomach pain, dizziness, vomiting, diarrhoea, bleeding, and difficulty breathing, and die within 48 hours of ingestion from critical nervous system failure. This is caused by modified enzymes generated by UHF named "hyperenzymes", which cause disruption in every vital bodily function.

Hyperenzymes are anomalous enzymes not inhibited by temperature or pH level, retaining their activity even in environments where they should usually be degraded or denatured. Such traits make it difficult to treat the bodies of subjects who have expired from hyperenzymes, as they retain activity even after the person's death. This causes rapid decomposition of the body and chemical burns on the skin when touched without adequate protection.

Nevertheless, this resilience translated into industrial potential. Using hyperenzymes improved the production efficiency of organic chemicals by more than tenfold compared to traditional chemical procedures. This enabled the Foundation to develop several experimental procedures that led to general usage. Moreover, to meet the persistent internal demands, the Foundation has set its priority on securing and researching the ingredients to manufacture hyperenzymes while constantly attempting to contact Samdaecheon Healthcare. Unfortunately, the company has responded negatively to sharing the ingredients while refusing to sell the technology and exclusive distribution because "demands are extremely high".

Other organisations that have attempted to secure the ingredients include the Global Occult Coalition(GOC), the Chaos Insurgency(CI), and Beyond Entropy(BE). The Foundation is cooperating with the GOC as per the Hamburg Treaty. However, the CI and BE have often caused skirmishes over the ingredients. Recent reports uncovered that the CI has attempted to seize the ingredients using anomalies, while BE attempted to manufacture biochemical weapons using hyper enzymes.

The Foundation failed to secure the manufacturing technology of SCP-1112-KO when raiding Samdaecheon Healthcare's factory. Several documents in the factory suggest that the ingredients for the hyperenzyme might have originated from another dimension. The document describes opening the inter-dimensional portal as "breaking the dimension with chi". However, human blood traces found in the factory by luminol testing suggest otherwise. Much ritualistic equipment was found in the factory, including magic circles drawn with human blood, mercury, and "Dragon Blood"2 that are likely to have been used to open a portal. Internal documents would have been either filled with misinformation or only have partial descriptions of the ritual.

Addendum 1112-A

  • The following is the promotional text on the back of the SCP-1112-KO box.

Muscles not bulking fast enough? Having indigestion? Now, there is a new supplement just for you!

Bulking every day! Strong Muscle Hyperenzyme is entirely different from your run-of-the-mill anabolic steroids. Samdaecheon Healthcare has added our exclusive new technology to enzyme supplements made from hand-picked organic vegetables. Unlike other phoney supplements, Bulking every day! Strong Muscle Hyperenzyme guarantees instant and robust results.

Our product enhances the activity of enzymes necessary for muscle growth, such as digestive and protein synthesis enzymes, enabling faster weight gain than diet control and exercise. Incredibly, this product does not exhibit liver toxicity or get excreted through urine like steroids! If you are an athlete, it will remarkably improve your performance!

We highly recommend this product, especially if you are a superhuman scoring over 3000 in the three major lifts. Go to greater heights with your intensely swirling muscle fibres!

Don't hesitate any longer! Meet yourself beyond your limits! With the help of this product, your muscles can ascend to higher places!

Samdaecheon Healthcare

Major reviews
★★★★★ "Ever since my dog died a few months ago, I couldn't eat nor exercise, so I lost a lot of muscle mass. However, thanks to this product, I could digest anything that could fit in my stomach. Now every morning I go hiking to exercise and have a meal." - Lim ***eun

★★★★☆ "This opened a highway from my mouth to my anus. Digestion is much faster and easier!" - Ksh*123

★★★★★ "Saw this on TV and gave it to my friends. They all love it! Fre*eric said it helped him lose weight." - Horseman4*wight

★★★★★ "Before, I could squat 60 ronatonnes3 Three months after bulking with this product, I could squat 70!" - Atlas*egend

★★★★★ "Used this for a hangover instead of thaumaturgy. I love it!" - Manfro*Nazareth

※Samdaecheon Healthcare is not responsible for any side effects caused by using the product.

Addendum 1112-B

  • Below is a rejected usage proposal for SCP-1112-KO. Please read this before writing a proposal.

SCP-1112-KO usage proposal

Document #: 20254-23288
Proposal Date: 2025-10-05
Writer: Dr Lim Chanmi, Sustainable Containment Department
Weight: 1000 sachets (50kg)
Usage: Production of food using biomass.

This proposal aims to collect biomass produced daily by the Foundation, concentrate and process complex sugars within, and produce food-grade sweeteners.

Most Foundation facilities do not have a biomass circulatory system. The biomass produced from the toilet and cafeteria is collected by external contractors, leading to potential security weak points and unnecessary material and funds waste from disposing of recyclable resources. Therefore, a treatment facility converting biomass to nutrients could reduce funds used for food and cell culture media.

A continuous membrane reactor will be used to eliminate the need for additional hyperenzyme purification, reducing the process's costs. Moreover, hyperenzymes show increased reactivity following the Arrhenius equation even over their optimal temperature, allowing a high-temperature procedure that will maximise processing rates per time. Matrix entrapment appears less effective due to the large quantity of biomass, and cross-linking seems impractical as the hyperenzyme cannot bind with the cross-linking agent. Therefore, to minimise the loss of hyperenzyme, the following components have been added.

Firstly, the biomass is ground in a grinder made of tungsten-cobalt alloy, accelerating the reaction rate and minimising the demand for hyperenzyme in the process. Additionally, this grinding prevents large particles from colliding with the filter, thus reducing the load on the filter, extending its lifespan, and decreasing the likelihood of enzyme leakage due to damage.

In the bioreactor, a trial addition of cellulose 1,4-β-hypercellobiosidase (CMCase, bgl1, Cbh3) and hyperenzymized E. coli extract is planned, with the composition to be optimised based on conversion efficiency. The goal is to cultivate E. coli and other prokaryotic cells for extraction.

For the reaction products, the plan is to use tubular bowl centrifuge and hollow fibre filtration methods for classification and condensation and then package them in powder form for distribution.

Review Date: 2025-10-05
Result: Denied
Notes: Using human faeces and food waste to produce sugar is environmentally friendly. However, the cost of building and running the facility exceeds that of buying sugar and managing waste. Additionally, food using said product will be highly undesirable.

Therefore, due to concerns about SCP-1112-KO overuse, the proposal is denied.

-If you thought people would be happy eating turd doughnuts, please conduct another survey. - Storage Site-231 logistics manager

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